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"yeah, are you?" zack asked josh, asking if he was ready. 

"yup. let's go." josh said. he was about to go to the basketball gym with zack, to keep him company while he shot around a little bit.

"is anyone gonna be there?" josh asked.

"don't think so. but there might be." zack said, heading out the door with josh. they both got into joshs jeep, because he was parked behind so he just decided to drive.

they talked and made their way to the school, josh parking in front of the gym.

"that looks like tylers truck." josh said, pointing to a red truck in the parking lot.

"i don't think he's here. i thought he was with keelie." zack said. "but that looks like his truck."

"um it better not be." josh said.

"it is." zack laughed.

"zack!!" josh whined, walking into the gym and seeing tyler shooting a basketball with the hoop master on the goal. he was wearing a t-shirt and some white basketball shorts.

"you're fineeee. plus, he'll probably eventually take his shirt off.

josh made eye contact with tyler, tyler smirking a little bit before shooting the ball. "hey guys."

"hey man, thought you were with keelie?" zack asked, sitting down on the sidelines and putting his shoes on.

"i was but she was pissing me off so i left." tyler said.

"what'd she do this time?" zack said.  josh sat down on one of the chairs.

"shes fucking crazy." tyler huffed.

"we been knew." zack rolled his eyes.

"yeah," tyler chuckled. "but yeah she was getting mad at me because i have streaks with girls and shit and she was trying to get my my eyes only password and snap password and i wouldn't give it to her because she literally don't trust me and i'm not just gonna give up all my privacy."

"damn. what do you even have on your my eyes only?" zack said, grabbing a ball. josh was silently listening.

"just her nudes. my nudes. just random shit that i don't want people seein." tyler shrugged.

josh knew what he had on there.

pictures of josh choking on his dick. pictures of joshs naked body in the mirror. videos of tyler cumming across joshs face. videos of josh taking tylers dick like a slut, moaning his name. and not to mention, just cute selfies of them.

tyler knew too, which was why he shot a glance at josh, a look of lust in his eyes. josh smirked, flicking his eyes down tylers body.

"it's hot in here." tyler said. josh mentally rolled his eyes when tyler grabbed his shirt, sliding it off over his head and throwing it to the side.

josh stared, not caring if zack could see him. zack knew that he would stare anyways. tyler knew what he was doing.

josh couldn't keep his eyes off of him. i mean you couldn't blame him. he was shirtless and sweaty. his bulge was obvious in his basketball shorts because, let's be honest, if you're packin, they really don't cover up very well.

tyler grabbed his basketball, palming it before dribbling between his legs. he dribbled a bit in front of zack, before making move around him and shooting. his chain dangled from his neck.

josh watched them shoot for a while, before a text popped up on his phone.

brendon: hey, wyd?

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