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"hey, how are you?" brendon asked josh as he was climbing into his truck.

"i'm okay how are you?" josh replied, buckling his seatbelt before brendon started driving.

"horny." brendon shrugged.

"you're always horny." josh laughed.

"so are you." he said, looking at the boy and laughing. "we gonna go see a movie?"

"yeah sounds good to me." josh said. "hey have you heard from tyler?"

"no i haven't, why?" brendon asked.

"he just hasn't opened any of my snaps since the day before last."

"no i haven't heard anything. you want me to text him?"

"nah he's probably busy or with keelie or something." josh said. "i'm going to zacks later anyways so i'll figure it out."

"alright yeah i haven't heard anything. probably fuckin her or somethin." brendon laughed.

"yeah for the past two days." josh chuckled. "i dunno i'm hoping he's with her at least and not just ghosting me."

"i don't think he'd ghost you. i mean he's never been the type to do that." brendon said.

"yeah." josh thought for a moment. he really hoped this wasn't randomly over between them. tylers never gone more than a day without at least asking josh how he was.

they sat in comfortable silence listening to the radio until they arrived at the theater.

"what are we gonna watch?" josh asked.

"i don't know yet. maybe the purge?" brendon shrugged, getting out and opening joshs door for him.

"ooo yes i didn't know that was out yet." he said as they walked up to the theater.

brendon bought their tickets, going inside and getting them a drink to share. no one was hungry for popcorn.

"i'll text him if ya want." brendon said.

"what?" josh looked confused. "ohhh tyler, nah it's fine i'll see him tonight and ask zack or somethin if he's not there."

"okay. m'lady," brendon said as he let josh walk in front of him to their seats.

"oh wow such a gentleman." josh rolled his eyes.

they got to their seats, watched the movie and that's pretty much it other than occasional comments about it. once it was over, they headed back to brendons car.

"that was damn good." brendon said, starting it up.

"like really good. i loved it." josh agreed.

"am i taking you to your house to tylers?" brendon said.

"mines good. i'll take my car there." josh said.

"wanna fuck first?" brendon looked at him and smiled.

"i thought you'd never ask."


i'm back bitches

hopefully for a while, motivation struck me once again :)

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