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"josh wake up." zack groggily said, slightly nudging him.

"hmm? oh, shit what time is it?" josh asked, yawning and stretching.

"it's 4, we're gonna leave in like an hour." zack copied the yawn, before getting up and heading to the bathroom.

josh grabbed his phone, the bright light blinding him for a second. he smiled, excited that they were about to leave for the beach.

zack came out of the bathroom and turned on the lights, smiling at josh.

"excited?" he asked.

"oh hell yeah." josh replied, going into the bathroom to pee and brush his teeth.

"are we gonna eat here or stop and eat?" josh asked, tooth brush hanging out of his mouth.

"probably stop by sonic or something." zack said, packing his toothbrush and charger.

there was a slight knock on the door, before it opened and tyler and brendon walked inside and shut the door behind them.

"goodmorning guys. bren you good?" josh laughed, seeing brendon still half asleep.

"fuckin hate you guys for leaving so early." he said, laying down on zacks bed.

"you'll be fine." tyler said, smacking his foot. "goodmorning baby." he smiled, wrapped his arms around josh.

"mornin." josh blushed hugging him back.

he pulled back and kissed tyler's lips.

"happy birthday ty." he smiled.

"wow i can't believe you remembered." tyler teased, kissing his forehead. "thank you."

"what better way to spend it than driving 12 hours." zack joked.

"i know right." tyler laughed, laying on the bed next to brendon.

"i got some shit for tonight to celebrate." brendon said. "i mean i got shit for the whole week but extra shit for tonight."

"fuck yeah, what'd you get?" tyler asked.

"a lot of bud, and i got some tequila specifically for tonight and other shit for the rest of the week." brendon said, yawning and rubbing his face.

"hell yeah. it's worth the drive." tyler said.

"are you driving first?" brendon asked.

"yeah i can." tyler nodded.

"good, i'm gonna take a fat ass nap." brendon said.

"me too." zack nodded.

"i'll stay up with you ty don't worry." josh said.

"if i wake up and your dick is in joshs mouth i'm gonna be horny." brendon warned, the guys laughing.

"boys!! time to load up!" kelly yelled from downstairs. the boys all grabbed their stuff and headed down.

"hey guys." tyler said, hugging his moms friend. kelly's friend pamela and her husband john were also going on the trip.

"aw tyler you're getting so big. happy birthday honey." pamela frowned, hugging him back.

"thank you pam, and i tried to stop growing but it didn't work." tyler joked.

"well you're gonna have to try." she said, tyler chuckling and carrying his bags to the car.

"happy birthday baby. i hope you don't mind driving for most of it." kelly hugged tyler.

"thank you momma, i'll be alright." he said.

"we'll go out and celebrate tonight." she said, chris also coming up and wishing him happy birthday.

"are you driving first ty?" kelly asked.

"yeah." he nodded.

"you boys make sure one of you stays awake to keep him awake." kelly said.

"yeah josh is gonna stay up, zack and bren are already falling asleep over there." tyler pointed, seeing zack and brendon halfway asleep dragging their bags.

"good, and please be safe." she said, kissing tyler's cheek. "are we all packed?"

"yes ma'am." chris nodded, closing the trunk to their car and tyler's tailgate.

"alright. put the address i sent you in the maps. if you need to stop and we don't or other way around just keep driving." kelly said, taking her spot in the car.

"alright." tyler said, climbing in his truck. everyone loaded up, josh in the front and brendon and zack in the back.

"i cant believe we're finally going." josh smiled, looking at tyler.

"i know babe im so excited." tyler smiled back, reaching over and squeezing his hand.

the boys drove and drove, switching out occasionally, and after a long 13 hours, they finally arrived.

they beat chris and them by like an hour, because they had stopped to eat, so they went ahead and checked in, getting settled in the condo.

their room was a decent sized one, with two queen sized beds and a bathroom connected. it was decorated all beach themed.

"this is so perfect." zack sighed, flopping back on the  bed and stretching out.

"zack do you wanna cuddle tonight?" josh asked, laying neck to him.

"woah woah pick one of the joseph brothers you can't have both." tyler shook his head.

"i remember when josh picked me." brendon said, fake wiping a tear from his eye.

"aww poor bren." zack said.

"yeah so rude of you josh." tyler said.

"oh shut up you were so jealous of brendon." josh said.

"was not!"

"oh no, you were so jealous!" josh argued, brendon laughing.

"it's okay tyler, i'm sorry i'm just so sexy and handsome and beautiful." brendon shrugged, winking at him.

"yeah yeah whatever." tyler rolled his eyes but smiled.

"let's go check out the beach." josh said, everyone agreeing.

they talked and walked the beach until kelly and everyone arrived. once they did, everyone relaxed for a second before going to eat at a seafood place.

everyone had a good time and celebrated tyler's birthday, and eventually came home. the adults and jay all headed to bed and crashed after.

"y'all ready for the beach?" brendon asked, everyone excitedly packing their things and heading down to the beach to get fucked the fuck up.

the night ended with many, many drunk memories made. including brendon getting a video of tyler throwing up in the sand, josh pouring half a bottle in tyler's mouth to chug, and them having to carry him unconscious back up to the condo.

needless to say, tyler had a pretty good 20th.

A/N: yay they're at the beach!

i'm going to the beach next week

are y'all doing anything fun for summer? i'm working mostly, but i get to go on this vacation

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