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tyler stretched, yawning and shuffling in bed. he reached over for his phone, checking the time.

it was 11:30 and he had just woken up for the day. he opened snapchat, seeing josh had texted him.

j: goodmorning mine. how did you sleep? ❤️

tyler's face turned red as possible, smiling at his phone like a little girl. he texted josh back before getting up and going to the bathroom.

after he headed downstairs, being met with zack eating breakfast at the table and his parents in the living room.

"hey." tyler said to zack, grabbing a plate.

"sup." zack said back, not looking up from his phone.

he was still pissed but hey, at least he was talking back to him now.

tyler was fixing his plate, looking down in the dishwasher to grab a fork. when he looked down he realized he had a few hickeys on his lower stomach.

he cursed in his head, knowing they were from josh, and zack also knowing that. he ran upstairs to go put on a shirt before coming down.

"you don't gotta try and hide those." zack said blandly.

"sorry." tyler said, zack getting up and putting his plate in the sink and heading up to his room.

"fuck." tyler mumbled. he grabbed his phone to look at while he ate.

"the hell?" he said, looking at his text message.

keelie texted him, saying that she would be over around 3 to bring his clothes and pick up hers.

tyler sighed, going up and gathering all of her shit out of his room. he threw it all in a box, bringing it downstairs.

"what's that?" kelly asked.

"keelies stuff. she's gonna come get it later." tyler said.

"she's bold coming back into this house." kelly said, tyler chuckling.

"try not to kill her mom." tyler said. he finished eating and cleaning up, before changing into a swimsuit and laying out by the pool to pass time.

t: i miss seein you around here

he sent the text to josh before putting in his airpods and turning on his music.

j: i miss it too. maybe soon it'll all be okay again

t: i hope so. it'll be so much easier too

"tyler honey? i think keelies here." kelly said out the door after a while. she saw her car pull up.

"alright." tyler said, heading upstairs and putting on a shirt and grabbing her box of stuff.

he walked down the stairs, stopping in his tracks when he saw keelie standing there.

with a guy.

keelie gave him an innocent smile, setting down his box of stuff. kelly and chris both had their jaws dropped. luckily jay was taking a nap and wasn't down there.

"i hope you don't mind, i kept one shirt." the guy said, smirking at tyler. the nerve he had.

tyler scoffed, leaning against the table and looking down.

"really?" he said, looking at her.

"what?" she asked, smiling at him.

"get the hell out." tyler said, going to grab his stuff.

"woah don't talk to her like that." the guy said, stepping up to tyler.

"back up bud." tyler said to him once he got in his face. this boy was half the size of tyler muscle wise. he was also around 5'8"....and tyler was 6'3"

"boys boys woah okay i think you guys should probably leave." kelly said, starting to walk up to them. she tried to keep a nice smile on her face.

"mommy coming in to rescue you?" the guy snorted, starting to back up.

tyler didn't even think. it's like something took over. maybe it was all the anger he's kept in from keelie, and all the shit that's happened lately.

before he knew it, his fist was slamming into the side of the guys face. he followed him on his way to the ground, pinning him down and throwing punches.

"tyler what the hell stop!!!" keelie screamed and 'cried'.

"oh my god chris oh god." kelley was panicking. chris rushed in, grabbing tyler and trying to pull him off.

"what's happening?" zack said as he rushed down the stairs. "oh shit." he said, running in and helping chris grab around tyler's waist and pull him off of the guy.

"you bitch!" keelie yelled, running to the guy and helping him up. they rushed out, but not before keelie made sure to grab her stuff.

"fuck!" tyler yelled, clutching his hand.

"tyler what the hell was that!?" chris yelled.

"i-i don't know i'm sorry he just pissed me off." tyler said with his jaw clenched. zack didn't know what to do.

"i cant believe her!" kelly said, wrapping tyler in a hug.

"did you know that boy?" chris asked, grabbing tyler's hand and examining it.

"no, ah fuck! sorry, sorry." tyler said, hissing as his dad looked at his hand.

"i think you broke your hand. damnit tyler." chris sighed.

"zack can you go make sure jays okay?" kelly asked, zack nodding and doing so. kelly grabbed a first aid kit.

"i'm sorry." tyler said, wiping his face with his other hand.

"tyler you can't be doing that, no matter how much he deserved it." kelly said, running her hand through his hair.

"ida beat the kids ass too." chris mumbled, grabbing a washcloth to wet.

"jays still asleep." zack said. "are you okay ty?" he asked. he felt bad. he knew part of tyler's explosion was because of him.

tyler wasn't a violent person. normally if a guy talked to him like that he would just walk away. zack knew deep down he had some stuff built up.

"i'm good, just pissed about my hand.  i think i punched the floor on accident." tyler chuckled, surprised that zack talked to him.

"we should probably take you to the hospital." kelly said, feeling around in his hand. tyler yelled in pain as she did.

"chris can you stay and watch jay?" kelly said, chris nodding and rubbing tyler's back before going and sitting down.

"can i go?" zack asked.

"yeah that's fine. let me grab my purse." she said, going to go get it.

"for sure broke?" zack said.

"think so."  tyler nodded. they sat in silence for a while before kelly came back and they loaded up to head to the hospital.

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