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josh yawned and stretched, just waking up from a nap. it was 6pm, and he fell asleep around 3pm.

"buddy wake up." josh whispered, seeing jordan in his bed and remembering they fell asleep together.

"no." jordan said, turning over and going back to sleep.

"crazy boy." josh chuckled. he opened his phone and saw he had a message from tyler.

t: that's shits so fuckin crazy i'm so glad i didn't go

josh thought for a moment but remembered they were talking about the astro world.....incident.....

j: i'm glad you didn't go to that would've been so bad

tyler almost went to the concert, but had to turn it down last minute due to basketball stuff.

josh got up and went to the bathroom before making his way downstairs.

t: jesus did you die

j: almost. i think i actually went to heaven during my nap

"what's up." bill said, nudging the boy.

"nothinnn just hungry." josh smiled.

"we got some pizza in the fridge? or sandwich stuff. it's a fend for yourself night." bill said.

"i'm so mistreated." josh fake cried.

"uh huh sure. tell that to your iphone 13." bill rolled his josh, josh chuckling.

he settled on some cold pizza and a water, taking the food up to his room.

"what are you doing sir?" josh said, walking in and seeing jordan climbing on his dresser.

"nothin!!!" he yelled, jumping down and running out. josh laughed, seeing he grabbed some candy josh had up there.

t: i almost called the police. thought you were kidnapped

j: i actually was kidnapped. i'm dead now

t: oh shit
t: i'm texting a ghost
t: crazy

j: yeah and now i'm gonna haunt you

josh set his phone down, it immediately ringing once he did. tyler was calling

"what's up?" josh said when he answered, taking a bite of his pizza.

"you don't sound very dead. and i don't think dead people can answer phone calls"

"i actually am dead though. see" josh said, making choking noises.

"okay that's not what death sounds like that's what it sounds like when you suck dick"

"woah now, i'm a virgin. what's a dick"

"maybe ask your mom that question."

"okay yeah i will." josh giggled. "why'd you call?"

"fine i'll hang up you don't wanna talk to me"

"jesus you sound like your girlfriend"

"ouch that one hurt ." tyler laughed "but for real. wanted to talk to you about somethin"

"okay, whatcha got?"

"i would rather tell you this in person but im not home so. but uh, i just was wondering like um what you think? about us?"

josh paused for a second. his heart started beating faster.

"i-i uhm. what do you mean by us? like fucking? or other stuff."

"other stuff. like for real stuff."

"what do you think?"

"i think that it's a, it's getting hard to pretend like we're just fucking."

josh could feel his breath catch. he thought for a moment

"yeah. yeah it is getting hard."

"and i don't know what to do about it."

"well. do you still wanna see me?"

"yes do you?"


"so what does that mean?"

"i think it means that we both caught feelings." josh said.


"yeah. big time." josh sighed. he was nervous but also relieved tyler had the same feelings.

"what do we do?"

"i mean. for starters, you have a girlfriend. you're 'straight' and more importantly, your brother is my bestfriend."

"fuck. i just. i just don't wanna stop hangin with you and stuff."

"i don't either."

"do we have to?"

"i think, we should just keep doing what we do. and ignore the feelings. cant cause any harm if we just ignore them right?" josh said.

"yeah. yeah that's smart. sorry if this made you uncomfortable."

"no no, i'm glad that we kinda got this out of the way. i thought it was just me." josh chuckled.

"really? you didn't think i liked you?"

"i mean, i figured you just liked the sex. which i didn't have a problem with."

"don't get me wrong, i love the sex. but it's just kinda made me realize how unhappy i am in my relationship."

"do you want to break up with her?" josh asked.

"no, i mean yes. but no. it's terrible but i still love her. i mean we've been together forever. she's a bitch but i'm also a bitch so i just don't know."

"i wish we were able to figure these things out easily."

"yeah that would make this a whole lot easier."

"i have an idea"

"oh yeah what's that?"

"let's just ask zack!"

"you're right. so smart how did i not think of that."


idk how to make this chapter longer oops

also it's kinda awkward and idk if it's realistic but oh well

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