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"zack i missed you!" jordan said, running up and hugging the boy. zack smiled, hugging him back.

"i missed you too buddy!" zack chuckled, picking him up and walking up to joshs room.

"did you find your friend?" josh laughed, looking up from his phone.

"he said he missed me." zack said, jordan smiling and hugging him again.

"how sweet." josh said, scooting over so zack and jordan could sit on the bed.

"what show is this?" jordan asked, making himself comfy inbetween them.

"it's called shameless. you probably shouldn't watch this actually." josh said, pausing the show.

"does it say bad words?" jordan asked.

"yeah lots of bad words." zack chuckled.

"i'm gonna go play in my room." jordan said, climbing off the bed and running out.

"he gets so distracted." josh laughed, turning the show back on.

"he's so cute though." zack said, getting under the blankets. "tyler said hi."

"how sweet of him." josh said, blushing slightly at the mention of him.

"so like, how did it start with yall?" zack laughed.

"do you really wanna know?" josh asked. he didn't know if the topic was sensitive.

"yeah i'm fine. i mean i was mad but i think it's kinda cool now." zack nodded.

"well when he got back from that basketball camp i could've swore he was looking at me all day but i thought i was going crazy." josh slightly chuckled. "and then later that night he texted me."

"bruh what'd he say." zack gasped.

"he was like hey josh you up or something like that." josh blushed.

"not the 'you up' text tyler you can do better." zack covered his face.

"yeah and then he was just talking and invited me in his room i was literally shitting my pants." josh said.

"was i already asleep?" zack asked.

"yeah it was like 11. so like i went into his room and i was like aren't you straight and have a girlfriend and he was like wanting to experiment with me."

"that is literally so crazy.  this is so weird." zack said. josh was shocked at how over it zack was. like he seemed almost happy and hopeful for them.

"yup so we ended up having sex and i thought it was just going to be a one time thing but then it just kept happening." josh said.

"how often?" zack asked.

"like 2 or 3 times a week." josh said. zack slapped his hand over his mouth.

"bro i am such a heavy sleeper." zack sighed, josh laughing.

"you really are." josh nodded.

"so when tyler had a hickey that was from you?"

"yeah, i didn't mean to but yeah." josh nodded. "she was always so mean to him i think that's one of the reasons he decided to like cheat on her."

"makes sense. i mean i guess it's working out. did anyone else know?"  zack asked.

"just brendon. he walked in on us one day here it was so scary." josh said. "what went through your mind when you saw me? and also what the fuck were you doing awake that late?" he said, zack laughing.

"okay i dont know what was up but i could not sleep. i knew ty would be up so i was gonna see if he wanted to play the xbox or something but no i literally didn't know what to do when i saw you. i literally didn't know if it was real or not." zack said. josh felt bad.

"i am sorry i really shouldn't have hid this for so long." josh said.

"it's okay. like i said i think it's kinda cool. and i can tell tyler is like really sweet to you." zack nodded.

"he is. i really didn't plan on anything coming from this but it just kind of happened. like i'm falling in love with him and not just in a creepy stalker way now." josh said, him and zack laughing.

"well i'm pretty sure he has the same feelings." zack said. josh smiled hard.

"i don't know how it's gonna work with like going public or anything. i'm just gonna let him do it on his own time if he even wants to." josh shrugged.

"i'm sure a lot of people will be shocked."

"yeah, i'm nervous for him. especially having keelie as an ex." josh rolled his eyes.

"she'll probably hate crime yall." zack said.

"literally. she's fucking crazy. when they were dating he was so upset all the time after he was with her."  josh said.

"so she'd leave and then he'd hang out with you?" zack laughed.

"yup. pretty much every time." josh nodded.

"you dog." zack shook his head. "well im glad he makes you happy."

"me too. me too." josh smiled.

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