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"hey bitch." zack said, once josh walked into his room.

"what's up." josh smiled, tossing his bag on the floor. "really?" he laughed.

"what?" zack said.

"mean girls? i thought i was the gay one." josh said.

"oh shut up it's a good show." zack flipped him off. josh sat down on the bed laughing.

they did end up watching the movie. no talking. just watching.

"it just never gets old." zack shrugged, turning the tv to a different show.

"honestly." josh nodded.

"did brendon tell you about tyler?" zack asked.

"a little bit, what's the full story though?" josh asked. he knew they had broken up. tyler told him that. they haven't texted the past couple of days because josh figured he needed some space.

"yeah, they broke up bad. like bad." zack nodded.

"damn? how bad was it?" josh frowned.

"i heard them yelling at each other, and she was like telling him he's the reason they fought all the time and he never loved her. and she was like saying she hated him and was punching him and throwing shit. she broke a glass picture frame. and i can't barely hear anything from tyler's room so you know it was loud." zack said.

"holy shit." josh knew it was rough but he didn't know all of that. tyler just told him they broke up and he might not be on snap that much. "she is fucking insane. is he okay?"

josh was genuinely worried. he knew they didn't have the best relationship, but tyler would admit it. he still had love for her even after all she's done and how unhappy they were together.

"he hasn't been good. he stayed in his room for a few days straight. mom was bringing him food and stuff. yesterday we had a family pool day and stuff and he was with us all day but just wasn't himself ya know." zack said.

"i cant even imagine how he feels right now. i cant believe that bitch." josh scoffed. he'd fight her right then and there if he had a vagina.

"i know. i never wanna see her again." zack said. "he blocked her on everything but messages cause she has to come exchange his hoodies and get all of her stuff back."

"i'd throw it all out." josh snorted.

"yeah, she'd probably set the house on fire or somethin." zack laughed.

they watched some more shows, before dinner was ready. they headed down to the table, tyler coming not too much later.

"hey man." zack said, tyler sitting across from them.

"wassup." he said, grabbing his drink. he gave josh a sad smile.

they got their plates and sat back down, josh excusing himself to go to the bathroom.

he closed the door, getting on his phone.

j: do you want me to come over tonight?

T: yes please

j: okay:) i'll text you when he's good asleep

t: thank you

josh flushed the toilet and ran the sink water for a second, to make it sound like he used the bathroom. he came out and sat down.

"thank you kelly it's amazing." josh said when kelly walked by.

"you're welcome josh! glad you like it." she said, rubbing tyler's back before going and sitting down.

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