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tyler hunched over in the bed, laughing so hard he could barely breath.

"wha-what?" tyler said, tears coming out of his eyes.

"TYLER STOP IM GONNA PISS." josh yelled, clutching his stomach.

"how the HELL does that happen?" tyler yelled, barely getting the words out.

currently, the boys were at joshs house, since his family was gone for the night. josh had just finished telling tyler a story brendon told him.

basically, brendon had a pregnancy scare once. a serious one.

with a guy.

a guy with a penis.

josh ran to the bathroom, barely making it as him and tyler were still screaming laughing.

"literally what was going through his mind?!" tyler said once josh came out.

"i got, no clue. not even in the slightest." josh shook his head, sitting on the bed next to tyler. "he literally said he was crying freaking out one night because he remembered he wasn't wearing a condom. and literally called the guy high off his ass and crying telling him to go get a pregnacy test."

"i can genuinely not tell you what goes on in his head." tyler laughed, sighing and shaking his head.

"i couldn't either." josh agreed. he laid down with his head on tyler's shoulder. tyler wrapped his arm around him.

"look at this shit." tyler showed josh his phone. it was a picture someone sent him of keelies story of her and another guy.

"well she moved on fast." josh snorted.

"she's been fuckin him for ages." tyler shook his head. "i moved on pretty fast too you calling me a whore?"

"my whore." josh smiled.

"oh yeah?" tyler looked at him and chuckled. "so pretty." he kissed his forehead.

"so sweet to me." josh pressed a quick his to his lips.

"i try to be." tyler said.  "mmm cmere." he pulled josh so he was straddling him.

josh made eye contact, before pressing their foreheads together.

"i love when we can hang out and not have to whisper." josh said.

"me too baby. i like coming here."

"i wish this wasn't something we had to keep a secret." josh sighed.

"me too. but it's something we absolutely have to keep a secret." tyler chucked.

"what if it gets more serious?" josh asked. they've already determined it was more than just fucking.

"i guess if that happened we'd keep it a secret until we can run away together." tyler joked.

"haha so funny." josh playfully rolled his eyes.

"i dunno. it's a hard situation. i like what we got going on now." tyler said, running his hands up and down joshs thighs.

"me too." josh smiled, a blush forming on his face. he cupped tyler's jaw, running his thumb across his cheek.

tyler connected their lips, immediately forcing his tongue inside joshs mouth. he ran it all around, tangling it with joshs.

"mmmmm." tyler sighed contently, tilting his head back and smiling.

"hmm what's that for." josh giggled. tyler groaned, a blush forming on his face.

"huh? what's that?" josh teased, slightly pushing his hips down.

"you just do things to me baby." tyler whispered, pulling josh closer. he moved his hands down to joshs ass.

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