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t: do you want to come to brendon's?

joshs phone dinged with the message, excitement flowing through him as he was happy tyler thought of him. he was currently just watching tv with his family.

"hey mom can i go hang out with a friend?" josh asked, laura looking over at him.

"which friend?" she asked, jordan running up to him.

"his name is brendon." josh said.

"noooooo!" jordan whined, hugging his neck.

"i'll be back buddy." josh hugged him back.

"oh poor baby," laura chuckled. "but yes you can go. be safe." she said.

"alright." josh smiled, heading up to his room to grab some stuff.

he drove over to brendon's, walking in and seeing them on the living room couch watching tv. tyler was wearing some shorts and no shirt, and brendon was also wearing shorts, but with some round sunglasses and a bucket hat.

"hey guys." josh giggled, seeing brendon hitting a bong.

"hey." tyler smiled. brendon tried to say hey, but choked, cause them to laugh.

josh sat next to tyler, with his legs over his lap. tyler set his hand on joshs knee.

"wanna hit?" brendon asked josh, handing him the bong.

"might as well." josh shrugged, tyler helping and showing him how to do it. josh coughed a lot, tyler handing him his water.

"aw how sweet of you ty." brendon smirkedc rubbing his head.

"fuck off." tyler laughed.

"have you told brendon about keelie yet?" josh asked tyler quietly.

"no, not really." tyler nervously chuckled.  josh nodded his head towards brendon. "bren."

"what's up?" brendon looked at him, taking another hit.

"me and keels officially ended things." tyler said. he was still kind of upset about it.

"oh shit man, you good?" brendon asked.

"yeah, she blew up on me and was smackin me and breaking shit. fuckin insane." tyler shook his head. josh grabbed his hand.

"well, damn. you should've beat her ass." brendon joked.

"yeah," tyler scoffed. "i was scared she was gonna say i did." he rolled his eyes.

"well, what does this mean for y'all?" brendon asked.

"i, um, we don't really know." tyler got nervous all of a sudden.

"do y'all have feelings for each other?" brendon said.

"yeah, yeah we do." tyler said, josh looking at him and smiling.

"i think it's funny we're having a serious conversation with your sunglasses on." josh giggled.

"the sunglasses will remain on. no matter the circumstances." brendon nodded, everyone laughing.

"fair enough." josh said.

"anyways, what's are yall gonna do?" brendon asked.

"i mean, we kinda agreed to keep going like we were. just kinda secretive." tyler said.

"yeah. ty's not wanting to come out, so we're just gonna stay down low." josh said.

"hey, at least tyler don't gonna worry about cheating anymore." brendon said.

"yeah, that's true." tyler smiled.

"have you been with anyone else since y'all broke up?" brendon asked, packing another bowl.

"yeah, gage convinced me to get on tinder. i hooked up with two girls but i'm about to delete it." tyler shrugged.

josh was kinda upset. yeah he hooked up with brendon while they were messing around, but not after they started talking about feelings.

tyler and brendon continued talking, josh letting his mind run.

"hey baby." tyler said, josh zoned back in and saw brendon walking to his room.

"hey. where's brendon going?" he asked, trying to put on a smile.

"ran outta weed." tyler said. he leaned over and connected their lips.

he slid his hand up joshs thigh, josh kind of pulling back.

"what's up?" tyler asked, going to kiss him again.

"did you really hook up with two girls?" josh asked.

"yeah. are you okay?" tyler asked.

"im fine i just didn't know." josh shrugged.

"oh, i'm sorry. i should've told you. want me to delete tinder?" tyler said.

"no, no it's okay." josh said. tyler just chuckled, going to tinder and deleting his profile.

"there." he said.

"thank you." josh smiled, kissing him.

"mother fucker." brendon cussed as he reacher the bottom of the stairs.

"what's up B?" tyler pulled back from the kiss, looking over his shoulder.

"i smoked all my damn weed."

A/N: i was banned from tinder 🥲

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