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josh walked into zacks house, saying hey to his family who was in the kitchen.

"hey buddy whatcha doin?" chris asked.

"just hangin out what are you doing?" josh replied.

"i'm making a sandwich, want one?" he offered.

"i'm good thanks, zack in his room?" josh asked.

"...yup." chris muffled with a bite of sandwich in his mouth. josh laughed before heading up the stairs.

he walked passed tylers, seeing his door was shut. his truck was there though.

"joshua. whaddup." zack bro shaked him.

"just fucked brendon what's up with you." josh smirked.

"oh my josh you are into some older men." zack playfully rolled his eyes.

"yeah, what about it." josh laughed.

"at least with brendon you don't have to think about my brother." zack joked. josh felt bad.

"that's very true." he lied. speaking of tyler.

j: ty, can i come in tonight?

it was a long while until he answered.

t: yeah

josh was confused. tyler never answered like that. it was usually a flirty message with about 11 emojis. he wanted to know what was up with tyler now, but he obviously couldn't ask zack.

"i think tyler and keelie are in a really big fight." zack said. jackpot.

"oh really? why?" josh asked.

"i dunno i just heard them yelling the other day about something. keelie had a hickey or somethin." Zack shrugged.

"not surprising with what i've heard about keelie." josh snorted.

"what have you heard?" zack asked.  josh forgot that no one really knows about her.

"brendon just told me she cheats on him all the time." josh said.

"i never completely trusted her. that doesn't surprise me." zack rolled his eyes.

"yeah. damn they hide it good they always looked so happy." josh said.

"yeah. makes you wonder like how much people can hide. wack." zack laughed. josh nervously chuckled.

the boys hung out. ya know doing their thing for a while. they finally layed down for bed, zack falling hard asleep as he always does. it had been about an hour since zack fell asleep before josh made his move.

"zack?" josh said. no answer.

j: coming in

josh made his way down the hall quietly, sneaking into tylers room as he's done many times before.

"hey ty." josh said quietly.

"hey." tyler sighed. josh could tell he was upset.

"zack told me keelie had a hickey or something?" josh asked, sitting on the bed and grabbing tylers hand.

"no. she saw my hickeys. some that you left." tyler said.

"shit." josh didn't know what to say.


"what, what did you tell her?" josh said. he felt so bad.

"um i just told her it was some girl. i uh, she started a big fight and left and told me not to talk to her. she said we weren't breaking up but she needed some time. whatever that means." tyler sadly chuckled.

"i'm so sorry. i didn't even realize i left them i shouldn't have i-"

"hey hey it's fine it's not your fault it's mine if anything." tyler sighed.

"what does this mean." josh said.

"i mean. i don't want to stop. is that bad to say?" tyler said.

"yeah... but i don't want to either." josh leaned his head on tylers shoulder. tyler grabbed his thigh.

"then let's continue." tyler shrugged. "might as well we've came this far."

"yeah, that's true. no more hickeys though that's for sure."

"yeah no more. at least not on me." tyler smirked, slightly pushing him over.

"this is terrible. we're terrible people." josh said, flicking his eyes to tylers lips.

"yeah. but being bad feels so good." he said, kissing down joshs neck.

"so so good." josh closed his eyes.

tyler kissed all over the boys neck, driving him crazy. he said up a bit, sliding his shirt off as well as tylers.

josh rolled him over so he was straddling him. he slightly grinded his hips down.

god tyler was so hard.

"wanna do this?" josh asked.

"we shouldn't." tyler sighed, closing his eyes and furrowing his eyebrows. "but i want to."

"what about," josh grabbed his dick. "a blowjob. it's not sex it's not cheating."

"that's probably the stupidest logic i've ever heard." tyler smiled.

"okay fine i won't." joshs shrugged, giggling when tyler pulled him down.

"i didn't say no." tyler smirked.

josh smiled, before getting down to business.

A/N: ooo things are getting spicy.

i'm glad to be back i'm so happy i got out of not wanting to write. i miss all my readers though. guys i'm backkkkk

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