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josh was still in complete shock. it was two days after their little night together, and josh was in his bed. he wasn't with zack today.

he honestly couldn't put into words how completely insane that experience was. imagine someone you've had a crush on your whole life, that you knew you'd never get a chance with, just randomly hit you up one night to fuck.

like it was insane. josh couldnt stop replaying the experience in his head. it was really....effecting him...in his lower situation.

i mean he couldn't go an hour without having to calm himself down. he craved him.

he was watching tv right now, occasionally answering people on his phone. he looked at his story's, seeing that tyler posted. he clicked on it, seeing a picture of him and keelie smiling.

he groaned, wishing it was him he was with.

as if he heard him, josh felt his heart rate increase as he got a snap from tyler.

it was just a picture of his face, his lip slightly curled in a smirk. josh smiled looking at the picture. he was confused though, as he remembered he was with keelie.

he took a picture of him sticking his tongue out and sent it back. josh was really hoping that these little booty calls would become a regular thing.

josh waited for an answer, and once he did, he waited almost two minutes to open it. ya know, can't be too desperate.

this time it was a picture of his legs in shorts, keelies silky smooth tan legs next to him. josh answered with a mirror picture.

he heard a knock on his door, jordan walking in after.

"yeah bud?" he asked.

"can you open this for me?" he asked. josh grabbed it, opening the little bag of chips for him. "thank you!"

"you're welcome." josh chuckled, ruffling his hair. jordan ran out, shutting joshs door after.

he opened his next snap from tyler, of his legs again. keelies leg was across his, resting on his crotch, and his hand was way down on her inner thigh. he remembered feeling tylers calloused hand tracing up his thigh. this time there was text. "i miss your ass"

"fuck." josh said. he took a picture of his face again, typing back "i miss your dick".

josh whined. man tyler had effects on him. he though it was kinda ironic it looked like he was about to finger his girlfriend but his mind was on josh.

tylers reply almost made joshs heart stop by how literally hot it was. tyler was in his bathroom now, shirtless and very muscular of course, and he had his thumb hooked into the waistband of his shorts and boxers showing off his hard on. he had them pulled down quite a bit, enough to show where his trimmed pubes started. he hid his face behind his phone, still being able to see his jawline. "well it's right here"

josh took another mirror picture, turning a bit so you could see the curve of his ass. "want it inside me again"

he couldn't shake the guilt towards zack, but in this moment he completely forgot about it. he was just over taken by lust.

just the idea of having a secret little thing with zacks older brother who also had a girlfriend, made the whole situation more intense and better to him. yeah, it was fucked up.

tyler answered with another picture. he was sitting on the toilet lid with his boxers still on. they were regular plaid boxers, not briefs, which he usually doesn't wear, and he had his hand wrapped around his dick, holding it up a little. i mean damn it's like he had another whole leg down there. "wanna be inside of you right now"

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