Chapter 3

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It's been a good thirty minutes I've been in Sam Anderson's office. He is on his computer again, working. Doesn't he mind having a random person just sit here while he works.

He stands up and walks over to me. "How are you feeling Miss Jones?"

"I, umm."

He raises his eyebrows at me. "I'm sorry I didn't get that."

"I'm fine, thank you. I should really go. Wouldn't want to disturb you."

He nods. "If you're feeling better then I don't see why you can't leave." He picks his phone from his desk and shoves it into the inside pocket of his jacket. "Let me walk you down."

I cough. Did he just say that. "I'm fine, I can make my way down."

"I'm sure you can Miss Jones, but you've had a somewhat rough day. Allow me."

I open the door and walk towards the elevator. The receptionists are staring. I don't like it. They nod to Sam as he walks beside me. He presses the elevator button and we wait.

I tap my feet against the ground until the elevator door opens. We both get in. There is an awkward silence. I don't like it. When the door opens, we both exit.

"Where is it that you have parked your car or did you walk?" He asks.

"Just across the street" I say nervously.

He smiles and places his hand behind my back as he helps me cross the street. Oh my god, Sam Anderson has his hand behind my back. I don't even know why I'm getting nervous, I mean he is just like any other man. My friends would jump up at joy and fan girl about this moment. It's not something I would do, yet I'm getting excited with his hand on my back.

We walk to my old white station wagon with the paint job scratched.

He raises his eyebrow. "This is your car?" He asks.

"Umm, yes" I say as I nod.

"Awfully old, don't you think."

"I know, but it's all I can afford."

He frowns. "Hmm, maybe a better job and better pay will allow for you to get a better car" he says as he turns around. "Bye Miss Jones."

Was he trying to make me feel like crap. Yes thank you I know I have a granny's car. No need to point it out.

"Bye" I say but he's already gone and I'm sure he didn't hear.

I grab my key from my bag and open the car. It squeaks and I'm sure everyone in the five hundred metre radius heard it. I get in and attempt to close the door slowly in the hopes that it won't squeak or creak.

I drive for a good thirty minutes till I get to my apartment. I stump on the couch once I get in. Now what Vi. That interview was ridiculous. How am I supposed to get a job with questions like that?

I notice the answering machine is blinking, so I walk over to it and press play. It's a message from my friend Bianca.

"Heard you had an interview at Anderson's Corporation, you lucky girl. I'm very jealous. I'm sure I would've melted had Sam himself taken my interview. If you get the job I'm willing to swap. Maybe you can introduce him to me. You know just saying. Bye and best of luck."

I giggle. Bianca's been obsessing about Sam Anderson for years now. Well actually every girl I know is, besides me. I pat myself on the back.

"Good job Vi for not fangirling over Sam."
Now that I think about it, I actually did better then most people. Had it been Bianca or anyone else at the interview they would surely have fainted just by him instructing them to take a seat.

I get into an old men's t-shirt that comes down to my knees and turn on the radio. I start shaking and jamming and doing a whole lot of dancing to the song playing on the radio. I walk over to the kettle and make myself a nice hot tea as I continue to dance and shake my bum. I walk over to the couch with my tea and slump down on it. Ahh peace and quiet, just the way I like it.

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