Chapter 22

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Sam and I spend the whole day on the couch, either talking or watching a movie. It was nice...and simple. I needed a day like this.

There's a sudden knock on the door. I look at Sam. I really don't want to get up off the couch. The tan coloured throw is keeping me warm and I'm snuggled against Sam.

When there's a second knock, I sigh and get up.
There's a man in a black suit, he seems familiar holding out a black clothing protector.

"May I help you?" I ask.

He hands me the protector and then says "this is for sir. Please make sure he gets it."

When he turns and leaves, I remember I've seen him before, at that party. He was the one who brought me those replacement heels.

I turn around and walk back towards the couch. Confused as to what just happened.

Sam stands up when he notices me and walks over to grab the somewhat heavy clothes protector from my hand.

"What's in it?" I ask.

"A suit."


"Yea, didn't I tell you. I thought we'd go someplace nice tonight."

I look down at my clothes. "I don't have anything nice to wear." I look at him, even in this casual wear he looks super sexy.  "I don't own any going out clothes."

He smiles. "Wear what you've got."

"While you wear a suit? It'll look weird."

He grabs my hand. "I won't wear the suit then."

"Is it a fancy place?" I ask.

He nods. "Yes it is."

"Then we have to wear something good."

I start panicking. "Oh my god! Why are you even going out with me. I mean look at me. I look like some high school student."

He gives my hand a squeeze. "You look fine."

"I can't wear this," I say as I point up and down with my fingers towards my clothes.

"I'll sort this out." He grabs his phone, types something and then drags me to the couch.

He plants a small kiss on my forehead.

"Did I tell you, you look cute when you're stressed."

I lightly punch his arm. He grabs my arm and pulls me close. Kisses me softly. Reassuring kisses like everything's going to be okay. I relax and melt into his arms and he wraps his arms tightly around me.

We stay like that until there's a knock on the door. I roll my eyes.

Sam smirks. "I'll get it." He gets up and opens the door.

I look over from the couch and it's that same guy as before handing Sam yet another clothing protector but this time he hands him a box too.

Sam shuts the door and places all of it in front of me. "Here, get dressed."

I look at the clothing and then back at Sam. "You actually got me clothes."

He winks. "What can I say, I'm awesome."

I jump up. "Yes you are." I quickly plant a kiss on his lips and grab the stuff and rush into my room.

I unzip the clothing protector and inside is a gorgeous purple dress with lace accents. It's backless. The stomach area is see through with only lace holding the top part of the dress together with the skirt. The top part of the dress has silver crystals and rhinestones trailing down until it gets to the stomach area. I have to admit that it's a little revealing especially the stomach area. I pull the dress over my head.

I walk over to the mirror and my jaw drops. I look amazing. My light tanned skin goes perfect with this dress. It sits mid-thigh.

I open the box and pull out the silver heels, short but pretty. Inside is also a silver clutch. All perfect and a silver snap on bracelet.

I do a twirl and then head for the vanity. I grab my dark brown hair and pull it back into a sharp pony tail. The look doesn't go well with this dress. I pull my hair down and curl my hair that reaches my belly button.

I grab the makeup which I don't use often and apply purple eyeshadow. It adds a pop to my otherwise brown eyes. My side bang falls softly down my face, I grab it and curl it gently and move it away from my face. I breath in and then out.

I step out into the living room and the clanking of my heels grabs Sam's attention.

He smiles subtly and then allows for his smile to grow wider. He gets off the couch and walks over to me. He's already changed into his gorgeous black suit and he happens to have a purple tie. I giggle as I straighten it.

"We're matching."

"I know, I did it intentionally," he says with a wink. "I kinda don't want to go to that restaurant anymore."

I laugh. He reaches both arms around my back and pulls me hard until my body slams against his chest. "You're absolutely gorgeous in this. I can't take my eyes off you."

"Then don't," I say.

His smile grows wider. He kisses the side of my lip, almost tempting me to ask for more. My lip gloss gets smeared against the side of my lip. I don't stop him though. I want more. He runs his hand through my back. I shiver feeling his hands against my bare skin.

I don't normally do this. In fact, I'd never kissed a guy until I met Sam and I'm kind of scared to tell him that he was my first kiss.

He kisses my shoulder and then grabs my hand between his. "Ready?" He says.


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