Chapter 34

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I walk into Sam's bedroom and hop on to the bed. What just happened felt good and for the first felt right.

I patiently wait hoping Sam will come soon.

When the floorboard creeps, I lift my head to see Sam standing by the door.

His eyes looking deep into mine, almost questioning me. I know he's worried. He's probably thinking I'm going to ditch him again.

When he doesn't move, I run over to the door and slam it shut.

Leaning into him enough that it forces him to take a step back to support both our weights, I whisper in his ears "I love you, dammit."

His almost disappointed look changes into one of surprise and happiness. He grabs me by the hips and lifts me up forcing me to wrap my legs around his hips.

He pushes me against the wall and grabs my hand and raises them against the wall as well. He doesn't even wait a second before he smashes his lips on to mine. He's never kissed me like this before and I whatever I was feeling before vanishes. His lips press harder against mine while he cups my face with one hand. The other hand rests on my tummy.

I place both my arms around his neck and kiss him harder stopping after every few seconds to catch my breath.

He grabs me, my legs still wrapped around his hips and walks over to the bed. With one quick motion he drops me on to the bed and before I know it, he's on top.

I wrap my fingers around his neck and pull his face closer to mine, kissing the side of his lip before going full force on his lips. His hand travels under my shirt sending a shiver down my spine. Sam notices it and smiles.

I grab for his shirt and unbutton the first few buttons, reaching my hand into his shirt. Gently I run my hand through his chest, slowly devouring his abs and the feel of his skin beneath my fingers. Carefully i unbutton the rest of his shirt and pull it off his body.

His left leg wraps around my leg and he begins to kiss my neck as he gently strokes my arm. I let off a loud moan and then close my eyes from the embarrassment.

Sam continues to kiss me, more rougher this time as if he may never get the chance again. He reaches for my shirt and pulls it over my head.

When his hand reaches for my jeans, I begin to panic. Is this really about to happen?

Sam leans closer, finally unzipping my jeans. When his hands reach my hips to pull the jeans down, I rest my hand on his.

He suddenly looks at me with concern. "Is everything okay?"

I swallow. "I haven't...well...what I'm trying to say is...I haven''s...I..."

"You haven't, what?" He asks.

I shut my eyes. "This...being with a guy. I haven't, you know."

When I open my eyes, I can see he looks at me with such love that almost all the tension disappears.

"You mean you never sle..."

I cut him off because I don't like the sound of it out loud. "Yes, I haven't."

He grabs my face wit both his hands gently. "It's nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing will happen until you're ready. I promise you that."

I quickly kiss him as he zips up my jeans and grabs my shirt off the floor.

"I'm sorry."

He smiles. "Don't be, at least this time you're still here."

"I promise I won't ever leave."

He winks. "I'll take your word for that."

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