Chapter 27

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The week goes by like it has the past two months, with Sam deliberately trying to get me to lose my calm.

Sam sends me to help one of his clients who are developing a software to see if everything's up to date. I however know nothing about technology or how they get things done so its clear he's sent me here to stuff up.

With the folder between my hands, I make my way to Axel Software Design. It's a small building, like they've just started. A few desks here and there. Most chairs are empty. Sam claimed they wanted to give this company an opportunity to grow.

I move the chair aside from near the front door as i step in. Everything looks dirty. Sam must've been mistaken. How can a company that big make a deal with a company this small? A few people stare at me but then continue on with their work.

I notice a man wearing a suit and tie, much more organised then everyone else.

"Excuse me," I say.

He immediately turns when he hears my voice but his expression shows he's not pleased to see me.

"What are you doing here? Leave now. Can't you see we are in a bit of a dilemma."

I pull back shocked from his reaction. "I just need to speak to the manager."

He points upstairs and before I can get another word in, he rushes to the other side.

I duck under the sign that states 'Do not enter' as i make my way upstairs.

Out the window I notice a man in a black suit watching this building. For a second he gives me eye contact and then looks away.

I notice a guy in a suit and assume he's the manager of this company. I walk over to him and tap on his shoulder.

He turns to face me. "You're Violet, if I'm not mistaken. Mr Anderson told us you'd pay a visit." He looks me up and down as if he has a plan in mind. "You'll have to do."

I take a deep breath. "Excuse me."

He waves his hand. "Nothing. Don't worry."

I nod because I have nothing else to say.

I hand him the folder asking him to go through everything that's been completed and tick it off.

He grabs the folder from me, scanning the pages and begins ticking boxes and scribbling things down. He hands it back to me. "You'll have to go down the hallway and talk to Jonathon. See if he has completed his part."

I nod and thank him and scurry down the hallway. The dirty wall looking off putting.

When I get to down the hallway, there's a door. Hoping this is the one he was talking about, i twist it open and walk in. It's empty and no ones here. Just a blank room.

Noticing another door to the right, i walk over and open it. It creaks as i do as if it hasn't been open in a very long time. I look back into the empty room before I walk into the dark room.

Immediately I regret it. Jonathon wouldn't be found here. It's dark and I can barely see. I reach over near the door seeing if I can find a switch. When my hand reaches the switch and i flick it on, all i see is a bunch of boxes in the corner of the room. There's nothing here.

As I turn back to grab the handle to get out of the room, the door slams shut. I place my hand on the handle and twist but the door doesn't give way. The door seems jammed. It was an old door, maybe that's why.

I hear noise outside so I walk over to the window. People from the office are running out. A lot more people then what I saw when I initially walked in. I take a deep breath. What's going on?

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