Chapter 51

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[many have been asking if I'm working on a new story. My new book Alluring Mess has chapter 1 uploaded. I'd love it if you guys checked it out.]

[I decided to take today off as its my birthday but due to popular request that I upload chapter 51 here it is]

After work when I get in my car, I notice a black BMW behind me follow me. It's been trailing me since the carpark in our office.

I take a quick left and stop at a petrol station and put petrol in my car. Watching from the corner of my eyes, I notice the black car park at the corner of the petrol station.

When I go inside, I roam the aisles pretending I'm looking for a snack. From the corner of my eye I notice it's the guy from the office. The shady one. The one with the glasses. He's walking this section.

I borrow the keys for the toilet and run inside. I dial Sam.

He picks up straight away. "Hey babe."

With puffy breath I respond back. "Hey, Sam."

"Is everything okay?"

"I don't know. I mean I could be dreaming or making this up but I'm stuck in a bathroom at a petrol station. There's this guy at your office. He wears glasses. He's been watching me weirdly and now he's followed my car to the petrol station."

"Which petrol station?" Sam asks calmly.

"The one at the corner of Trover street."

"Okay. I'll text you what to do. Follow my instructions. Do you trust me?"

"Yes," I say because I know I do. With that he hangs up.

I take a deep breath. What if all this is just in my head?

My phone chimes and I look to see Sam's text. I can't believe I'm about to do this.

I get out of the bathroom, the guy with the glasses is still there by the milk section. I ease my way outside and carefully watch him follow me. I turn to the side of the petrol station and go around until I'm behind it. Sam I hope you know what you're doing?

Hearing a click forces me to turn around. A gun is pointed at me.

"Put your hands behind your back."

I do as he says. Sam please come soon. He handcuffs me sliding the key in his top right pocket inside his jacket.

I hear another click and as we both turn, Sam holds a gun at the guy.

"Troy, didn't expect this from you," Sam says.

Now comes for the hard part. Troy with one quick motion, kicks the gun off Sam's hand and points the gun at me. "Slide the gun over and turn around."

Sam does as he's told. Troy handcuffs Sam too. He stands behind us so no one can see we're handcuffed and tells us to quietly get in his car. If we make a sound, I'm dead.

We both get in his car. And it drives off. Someone wraps a clothe around my eyes as I try to fight it off. A sudden bang makes my head spin.


When I open my eyes, I'm in a abandon warehouse with Sam tied down next to me.

"You okay, babe?" He whispers.

I nod.

My hand is handcuffed to a pole that's attached from the floor to the roof, acting as support to keep this warehouse in tack.

Troy steps forward. "Open the girls cuffs and bring her to this room here," he says as he points to a room in the warehouse.

A stranger drags me by my hair into the room and looks the door. Troy unbuttons his top button. I take a step back. This isn't going according to plan.

I can hear Sam screaming in the background. Threats. He says if they touch me then he'll rip them apart.

Trot takes another step forward. I run to the knob and try it for luck. It doesn't open.

"We have nothing against you. Just Sam. He needs to die."

An idea strikes in my mind. It's not what Sam asked but it might just work.

I walk away from the door and towards Troy. "Here's the thing Troy. If you let me go, I'll go. Only wanted to be with Sam for the money." I walk up to him and rest my hand on his chest. "If you let me go, maybe I could please you."

He smiles as he plants his hand on my hips. I try not to react that his filthy hands are there. "Go on."

I move my hand over his chest, feeling his abs. "Maybe you and I could have some fun."

He grabs me by the hair and pulls me closer, planting a kiss on my neck. I arch my neck back further to pretend I like it. I push him against the wall and remove his jacket. "You work out, I like that in a guy," I say as I press his arms.

"Why don't you take that top of yours off."

I smile even though I don't want to. I reach for my shirt begging for something to stop me and that's when we hear a Big Bang.

"Damn it. My boss is here. You'll go back." Troy grabs me and exits the room, grabbing the handcuffs off the table and closing my against the pole again.

Sam looks at me with concern.

"I'm okay," I whisper.

Troy storms out of the warehouse and a few men follow. Two remain back to keep an eye on us.

I ease the keys out out my pocket. The ones I stole from Troy's jacket when I tried flirting with him and undo the cuffs. I stay as still as possible so no one can tell.

Sam notices the gun tucked into my shorts and sees my hands are open and no longer handcuffed.

"Can you shoot them?"

My eyes get wet. I can't kill someone. I'll die if I don't though.

Quickly I raise the gun, shooting at the first guy and I miss. He turns to face me as I pull the trigger. I cringe when I see I hit him in the head. I scream as it registers in my mind that I've just killed someone.

"Babe hurry," Sam screams as the other guy reaches into his pocket to grab his gun.

I close my eyes and pull the trigger. Opening my eyes I notice they're both dead. I run to Sam to open his cuffs when the noise of someone clapping grabs my attention.

I turn around to notice Max. "Drop your gun, princess."

I take a deep breath. Thank god. He's here to save us.

I turn to face Sam and he watches Max carefully. I turn to Max, run to him and through my arms around his body. "Thank god your here."

He doesn't hug me back and that's when I hear Sam. "Vi, step away from him!" He shouts.

I pull myself back from Max to watch him grin.

Max grabs me by the hair and slams me against the ground. I scream in pain.

"Max, what are you doing?!" Sam screams. "Don't you dare touch her."

Max kicks me against the stomach as I crawl into a ball and hold myself. He grabs me by the hair and slams my face against the wall. My mouth tastes like metal. I taste the blood.

I pull myself back and point the gun at him. "Max, please. Don't come near me or I'll shoot."

"Don't you want to know why?" He says as he laughs. "It's all about money brother. Your will States in order for me to inherit your money, you gotta be dead."

My eyes almost pop out of its socket. How can a brother do this to another brother. I watch Sam, he has no reaction.

I look back at Max and then Sam. I turn and run towards Sam as Max realises what I'm about to do. I grab the keys from my pocket but they fall from my hand.

I turn and point the gun at Max. "Don't come near. I swear to god I'll shoot."

Sam grunts as he tries to free his hands. "Shoot him, babe or else he'll kill you."

I hold the gun more steadier in my hands. As Max reaches into his pocket to grab his gun,vi hear Sam shout again. "Shoot him!"

I point the gun at Max.

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