Chapter 30 - Sam's point of view

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*Sam's point of view*

I can't believe I said those words. Let them out of my mouth so easily and in response Violet slams the door on my face.

I don't how but I need her, it's been so long since I've smiled and suddenly she comes into my life and things change.

My family is coming over today, and I haven't seen them in over a year. I stay in touch by the phone but that's about it.

After everything's that's happened, I'm not in the mood to see least not today.

Kylie peaks her head through the door. "Sir, your clients for the Megastone entertainment deal are here."

I frown. "Cancel the meeting. I'll speak with them tomorrow and cancel all meetings for the day. Move them to tomorrow if you have to."

"But Sir..."

I lift a hand to stop her. "I said cancel them."

She nods and rushes out. I shut my laptop, grab my keys and head to the carpark. I get in my car and drive home.

After getting home, I hop in the shower. Water running down my face as I think of Violet. I was so close to having her and she let me go. I slam my fist against the glass panel of the shower in frustration.

Grabbing the towel off the rack, I dry my body before I grab another one to wrap around my hips.

The door bell rings. They're here and like always...they're early.

My butler rushes to open the door as I make my way down the stairs.

My younger brother, Max walks in. "Look at you bro, all buff." He fist bumps me and heads back down.

My older brother, Daniel smiles. "Did someone forget they'd have guests home?"

I smirk. "Maybe someone forgot that I asked them to come at seven not six."

He hugs me. "It's good to see you bro."

I go and give my parents a nod.

Mum frowns. "Since when were you immune to hugs. Don't we deserve one."

I laugh as I roll my eyes. "Since I became too old for hugs."

I give them a hug as we shuffle off to the dining room. I tell them to take a seat as I rush into my room and change into blue jeans and a classic black t shirt.

My little sister, Rose takes the seat next to mine. "Sam I've missed you so much, you don't even know. Like seriously, you haven't even visited."

I lift my hand in the air in mock guilt. "You got me, my bad."

"So, tell us because the news doesn't say much and you seem to live such a private life that even your family are clueless about you but are you still a bachelor or can we expect good news?" Dad says.

I frown. Even I don't know the answer to that and saying 'it's complicated' isn't going to help. Although I'm pretty sure I'll never see Vi again.

"Dad, really? Is that why you came to visit because let me recap that last time you asked the same thing and the time before that."

"What, can't a dad ask?"

"Okay fine, I'm single."

"Oh dear god!" Mum exaggerates.

"What now, mum?"

"You're single. You're getting old and you still haven't found someone."

I roll my eyes. "Relax mum, I'm only twenty four."

"That's exactly my point," mum says. "By the time you find someone, you'll want to know them for a few years before you get married and by then you'll probably be thirty."

Daniel laughs. "You really are roasting him, aren't you mum?"

"Don't get me started. You found someone early and at the perfect age. Not everyone is lucky as you. Plus you were a flirt, so it was easy. Sam won't even look at women or give them the time of day. I'm starting to think he won't find anyone."

"Gee thanks mum, way to call me a flirt in front of my wife," Daniel says directing to his wife, Sophia.

"Ok let's stop and eat, shall we," Rose says.

Everyone continues with dinner and after dinner ends we all settle on the couch to watch a movie.

Max leans in. "You better find a girl fast before mum drives you crazy," he whispers.

I don't know why but I lie, I need to keep my family off my back. "I do have a girl."

"Wait, what?"

"I lied before because I knew you'd all drive me crazy."

Max stands up and rushes to the tv. "Ladies and gentlemen. It's official. Sam has a girl!"

My mum turns to face me. "You just said you didn't."

I'm so going to kill Max. When I get my hands on him alone, he'll be very, very sorry. I give him a death stare almost causing him to sink in his seat.

I turn to face my family. "I know, I lied."

Rose jumps up and down on the couch. "Oh my! When can we meet her?"

Before I can control the situation, I blurt out "next week. She'll be here. Come over for dinner."

Dad pats me on the back. "Good job son. What's her name?"

"I'm not telling you anything. You'll find out next week."

Everyone nods in agreement and turns back to the tv. I take a breath because somehow I don't think I'm breathing.

Great. Now what to do.

When the movie ends, I walk over to their cars as they say goodbye, watching the security guard open the gate to allow them to leave.

I turn and walk back into the living room and drop myself on the couch.

Where am I going to get a fake girlfriend now? As I say that, my mind comes to crazy idea. I'll probably regret it but it's the only way.

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