Chapter 54

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The next day, Sam and I are already at the office. It's been a great way to forget everything that's happened.

I knock on Sam's door before forcing myself in.

"I didn't say come in," he says while still looking at his laptop.

"And I don't care."

"You're running around like you're the boss, just cause you're my girlfriend."

I laugh. "Well I got to start practicing because when I take over Anderson's Corporation then I'll have the skills to lead."

Sam lifts an eyebrow. "Take over."

"Duh, that's why I'm dating you."

Sam laughs. "Very funny."

"Queue in evil laugh. Muhahaha."

I walk over and sit on one of the spare chairs. I've completed thirty one things on Sam's so called list of rubbish because he doesn't even want me lifting a finger to do the hard work.

I run my hand over the contract as Sam eyes me carefully.

As I go to pick up the contract, Sam slams his hand on the table with the contract below his hand stopping me from picking it up.

"What's that for?"


"Then give me the contract."

"Why do you need it?"

I watch him. He looks nervous. "I just want to read it."

"Read something else."

"Why won't you let me read it?"

He looks down at his laptop screen and tucks the contract into his draw.

"I'm busy, Vi. Come back later."

I get up and turn to leave. When I get to the door, I watch him. Why is he being weird? Why won't he let me see the contract?

I grab Philip when I get to level ten.

"Please help me."

"Absolutely not. If Sam figures what I'm up to, I'll lose my job."

I grab his hand. "I won't let that happen. Please. All you got to do is distract him long enough for me to sneak into his office and grab the document."

"Fine but if I lose my job, it's on you."

I jump up and down as I hug him.

He follows me into the lift and then waits by Sam's office. When I give him the thumbs up, he walks into Sam's office and tells him that there's something wrong with the system and Sam needs to look at it or else all of last months work will be erased.

He looks nervous, even sweats a little but Sam believes him. He gets up and follows him.

I wait a minute, making sure he's gone and won't be coming back any time soon and that's when I sneak in.

I grab the draw in which he put the document but it doesn't open. The keys have to be here somewhere. I look in the other draw then underneath his other documents. Can't find it. I look through his suitcase. Dammit. Where is the key?

My mouth falls wide open when I realise that perhaps he has the key. Getting angry, I push his laptop to the side of the table and notice the key.

Grabbing it, I open the draw and pull the contract out. Scanning the pages, it's all rubbish. Then why is he hiding it from me?

I flip to the last page.

Once the last date stated on the contract comes by and Violet Jones completes all the required works of Sam Anderson, then according to this contract...

I hear footsteps and I look up.

Sam watches me. "Going through my stuff?"

I shake my head. "uhh no."

He grabs the contract from me just as I was about to read the last section.

He shoves it into his draw, locks it and shoves the key into his pocket. He's hiding something and I don't like it.

"Don't you have a list you must complete."

I blow him a raspberry before I turn and walk back to my office.

32. Select a location from the list provided.

I scan the list and one place catches my eye. Bondi. I love the water, the beach and especially the sand.

33. Select a blueprint house design.

I pick the house that has an underground section that contains a cinema, a bar and even an indoor pool. It's four-storey house with twelve rooms.

Which client is this?

I stop and walk over to Sam's secret cabin that's always locked. I have a key to it though. Opening it, I grab the tequila and knock down four shots. They feel warm as the pass my throat.

I grab one of his fine champagne's and pour myself a glass. I drink it down in one serve. What is Sam hiding? I have a bad feeling. My head sways but I pour another glass and down that almost instantly.

After spending a good hour there, I walk back to my office.

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