Chapter 39

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I can hear talking. Very subtly but talking it is. I feel someone squeeze my hand. I want to open my eyes but I don't think I have that in me.

I feel a drop of something wet land on my hand. Curiosity gets the better of me and I force my eyes open slowly.

The sudden brightness hurts my eyes but after adjusting I notice Sam holding my hand in his and tears running down his face.

I give a small squeeze back because it's all I can master. Sam suddenly pulls his face up and looks at me.

"Thank God," he says as he attempts to wipe his tears.

I don't know how I feel seeing him like this, weak and helpless. Especially the tears. He's supposed to be strong and tough and very much in control.

He grabs my face with both hands. "I'm so glad you're okay! I was so sure I'd lost you."

"I'm okay, Sam."

He gives my forehead a kiss and leans back. "You don't even know how worried I was. I shouldn't have asked you to stay there especially since I knew we were being watched."

I give his hand a squeeze for reassurance. "It's fine Sam, really."

I notice the stabbing pain by the side of my stomach and hip. Enough to make me scream but I don't say anything, not when Sam isn't well himself. I can tell he's hanging by a thread.

"Please tell me your brother's okay. I saw someone go into his room."

Sam's face drops, he grasps his head with two hands. "I let him down. I couldn't get there in time. Whoever came in pulled him off the oxygen machine and stuffed the pillow in his face."

I try to push myself up. "What do you mean, Sam?"

I notice the tears carefully roll down his face.

"He's in a coma." Sam looks down. "I've failed you both."

I don't know what to say. My heart's pounding. I barely knew Max but that one week was enough. In fact, it was more than enough.

"Who did this?"

"I'm going to find out and punish them for what they did to both you and Max."

Sam stands up, takes his phone out of his pocket and calls someone. I don't want him to do something stupid. He calls someone called Matthew and demands to have to phone number's location traced that called him before.

He leans in to give me a quick kiss. "There's eight security guards behind your door and eight behind Max's. I'll be gone for a bit but I promise, I won't let anything happen to you."


When I open my eyes, I notice Sam by the side of my bed. I'm about to smile at him when I notice the blood. It's all over his white shirt staining it red. Did he get hurt? His hands are bloody and drips of blood are all over his jeans.

I blink. "What happened?!"

Sam looks down. "I found the bastard and I gave him what he deserved."

I blink again. "How?"

"I'm Sam Anderson. I have enough power and money to get whatever I want."

"What did you do?"

Sam notices the shock registering my face. "I didn't kill him but I did make him pay. I broke every single bone of his, enough for him to never ever dare lift a finger towards anyone and then I left him there all bloody." He swallows. "I was going to kill him but I knew Max wouldn't want that, you wouldn't want that. So I called the cops and told him where he was."

What I say next shocks me. "I wouldn't of cared if you killed him but I would've cared if you became a murderer."

Sam drops on the floor. His bloody hands covering his face. "I've lost everything. I might not see Max ever again."

I cringe seeing him hit the floor. "Why did he do this?"

"Money partially, and partially because he wanted to take my spot, my rank. In my line of business I always have enemies but that bastard took it to another level by targeting my family."

"Go clean yourself, Sam."

He nods and gets up. When he reaches the door I stop him. "Are you going to jail?"

He shakes his head no. "No, with the amount of money and power I have, I took care of it."

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