Chapter 50

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Sam calls me out in front of everyone and to get me to sign the contract. I want to laugh but i keep it all in.

Here we go again. This is going to be one hell of a ride.

When I grab the pen to sign it doesn't work. I shake a few time, only to look up and notice a blotch of ink across his shirt and face.

I can hear laughing in the background. I cringe. Sam winks at me. "Can't even use a pen, Miss Jones."

"Whatever," I say as I sign the contract.

I feel like I should read the contract but I don't. I trust Sam.

Sam wipes the ink off with his sleeve. "First task, get me a new shirt."

My mouth opens wide. "Fine," I say as I storm off.

After getting him a new shirt, I walk into his office, close the door and throw the shirt on his table.

He gets up and walks over to me. I kiss him gently and he kisses me back, his hands resting on my hips. The sudden urge to do a lot more in an office scenario draws me in and I run my hand through his hair as I draw his face closer to mine. I press my lips harder against his. Sam's left hand travels up to my back as he presses me against his body, in one quick motion he lifts me up and places me on his desk. I grab his tie and pull him towards me as I lean back on his desk. I stretch my hand out and swipe the desk clean so I can lean against it. He begins kissing my neck when there's a knock on the door.

Not again.

I quickly pull myself up. As the guy with the glasses who gave me a weird impression before steps in, I quickly begin swiping at the table, knocking his pen stash on the floor.

"That's what you get for making me bring you a shirt."

Sam plays along. "Don't forget you signed the contract. You shouldn't have done what you did."

I smile. "Then fire me."

"I won't do that but I will make you pick everything up."

The guy walks further in. "Sir, Mr Donathon is here to see you."

"Move him to conference room four and tell him i'll be there in a few minutes."

The guy nods and turns around.

I want to tell Sam that I don't like that man. I don't know why but I get a weird vibe from him. I don't want to spoil Sam's mood so I keep quiet.

Sam smirks my way. "That was close, let's clean this up."

After helping him clean his desk up. I scream at him a few times really loudly so everyone else can hear a fight going on and then I leave. I don't want to spend too much time in his office or people will think something is going on.

I go and sit back in my office where I can still see him through the glass panel. Everyone once in a while I wink at him to distract him, he always returns a smile.

Getting bored I decide to go eat something. I grab the stairs as it's closer to the staff cafeteria. Before noticing my shoelaces are undone, the step on the stairs forces me tumble down as I accidentally step on my shoelaces. I scream as I fall and hit the side on the wall.

Everyone steps aside including Sam to see what happens. I give him a quick look and I can see he's genuinely concerned. He takes a step forward to help me but then stops himself last minute.

All eyes are on him. "You should watch where you're going, Miss Jones," he says. I can tell he's hurting but can't help me.

Josh rushes over and puts his hand out for me, I grab it as he pulls me up.

Sam looks pissed.

"You okay? You seem to have a tiny scratch on your forehead," Josh says.

I reach over and touch my forehead. There's a small scratch, it hurts though. I nod at Josh. "All good. You know me, I can't seem to call it a day without doing one clumsy thing."

Josh smiles. "It's true but it's cute. I'm about to go grab something to eat, do you want to join me?"


We both walk over to the cafeteria and grab banana bread and a coffee.

"Sam's been a little rough on you. You should just ignore it. He's usually a good guy despite his name and fame. I know he's like the most successful businessman in Australia but he never lets it get to his head. I don't know why he's behaving this way with you."

I try to hide my smile. "Yea Sam can be like that."

Josh reaches over the table and grabs my hand. "If you ever need anything, let me know. I'm there for you."

I feel uncomfortable the way he held my hand. I nod. "Thanks Josh," I say as I gently tug my hand away from his.

After we have our coffee and finish our chat. Josh volunteers to drop me off back to my office.

As we get to my office, I turn around and thank him.

"Not a problem, Violet."

As I think this conversation is over he leans in to kiss me but I turn my face and he plants a kiss on my cheeks accidentally.

I pull back. I notice Sam watching us and he doesn't look happy. "I'm sorry Josh, I just...umm...I'm not looking for anything."

"Oh okay. I'm sorry I tried to kiss you. I just thought you felt the same way." With that he turns and walks off immediately.

Sam continues to watch me and I feel bad, almost like I cheated on him.

After a few minutes he walks into my room. "What was Josh trying to do?"

He walks back and forth to calm himself. "I could rip his head off. He tried kissing my girl."

I link my fingers with him. "Relax, I wouldn't kiss anyone other then you, Mr Anderson."

He grabs me and pulls me into a hug. "I should fire him just for that."

I laugh. "You won't do such a thing."

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