Chapter 20

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When I open my eyes, Sam is crouched on the floor by the side of the couch. When he notices I'm awake, he grabs the glass of water and pill and hands it to me.

"Take this. It'll make you feel better."

I swallow the tablet quickly while I look at the clock. It's five thirty already.

I sit up to make room for him. He notices and gets off the floor to sit next to me.

"I'm sorry," I say. Not exactly sure for what. Maybe it's for what happened at the party, or maybe it's cause I've been rude. I honestly don't know.

He leans in and I half want him to kiss me ever so softly against the lip but he doesn't. He places a gentle kiss on my forehead.

"Ready to go home?" He asks.

I nod.

He grabs his keys off the table and then reaches a hand out to me. I grab it and pull myself up and lean on him for support. This past week has been crazy, I either hate him or love...him.

No, no it's too soon to feel this way for anyone.

His arm wraps around my hip as he moves us towards the lift.

I should be over the hangover by now but maybe I've drank too much.

When we get to the carpark, he gently helps me into his car and then gets in himself.

My eyes open and close during the ride and I feel much worse then I did this morning.

Before I know it, I'm at the front of my apartment in the carpark.

"You okay?" He says.

I shake my head 'No.' His eyes widen in concern but he doesn't say anything.

Moisture builds up around my eyes because despite everything I said and did to him, here he is worried about me and making sure I'm okay.

"I'm sorry," I say and this time I know why.

He opens his mouth but before he can say anything, I've unbuckled my seatbelt  and moved close to him.

I smash my lips hard against his and the sudden shock of what has happened registers across his face. He grabs me by the hip and pulls me onto his lap. Not stopping the kiss for a second. He intensifies the kiss, his lips moving passionately against mine. I grasp his shirt in my hand as I bite his lower lip. His hand rests on my thigh. I press my body hard against his and move my lips down to the side of his neck. I reach for the button on his shirt but his hand clasps mine.

"This isn't right," he says.

"What do you mean?"

"You're not feeling well and you're on medication. It wouldn't be right of me. I don't want to take advantage of you."

He lets my hand go and I rest it against his chest.

I smile. I can't believe that I was ever doubting him. I was thinking that he was using me and if he was he'd take advantage of me here and now. Instead he didn't.

I lean in and place a gentle kiss on his lip. He smiles back.

"We should get you home so you can rest."

He opens the door. I don't want to leave his lap. I can feel the steering wheel pressed against my back but I don't want to go. It feels comfortable.

"This is crazy," I say.

"What is?"

"This," I point at us. "We barely know each other."

He smiles. "It is crazy but it's the good crazy."

He reaches for my fingers and laces his with mine. "I've never felt this way about anyone else before."

That comment sends butterflies to my stomach. He presses his lips slowly against mine and we move our lips rhythmically against each other's. I run my hand through his hair but never stopping the kiss. His hand runs up my thigh as he pulls me in. Our lips pressed hard against each other. I take a second to catch my breath but then press my lips back against his, running my hand down his chest, feeling his abs against his shirt. I let off a soft moan. Sam kisses the side of my lips and then moves his lips back against mine as he works his way down to my throat. His left hand smoothly stroking my cheek.

We pull apart and I start giggling. "That was really good."

"Yea?" He asks.

"Yea," I reply.

I scoot over and duck my head as I try to exit. Sam places his hand on the top as I leave to ensure I don't hit my head. I smile at the idea of someone caring that much.

He exits too and grabs my hand as he walks up to my apartment. I pull the key out and twist.

He quietly scans my apartment. Brown everywhere, and white of course.

"Looks very relaxing."

"It is." I smile.

He gives my hand a squeeze. "You should go rest."

I nod and walk into my bedroom. He follows me in. I pull myself under the blankets and Sam pulls the throw that's sitting at the edge of the bed over me and leans in to kiss me on the forehead.

As he turns to leave, I grab his hand. "Don't leave."

"I'll be back tomorrow morning to check up on you."


I let go of his hand.

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