Chapter 41 - Sam's Point of View

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*Sam's Point of View*

Her last words ring in my ear as I skid the car into the carpark.

"I think I'm dead, Sam. I think they're going to kill me."

I run out of the car, taking the stairs two steps at a time. My heart pounding because I feel like my life's falling apart just as it was getting better.

When I reach the front door to her apartment, it's already open. Not worrying who might be there or what's happening, I make a run for it inside.

I freeze when I see her peaking from the side of the hallway. Thank god she's okay.

She takes small steps, almost forced steps as she walks closer to me. I watch her carefully. Why is she walking like that?

"You should go, Sam."

I watch her anxiously. "What do you mean?"

"Sam, please go," she says as her voice quivers.

I run up to her. "Thank god you're okay."

"Please Sam, I beg you. Just go." She signals me with her hand to leave.

I don't though, I pull her into a hug. "Don't be ridiculous, I'm not leaving. I thought you were in danger, there is no way I'm going now."

She leans into me, putting all her body's pressure against mine. "Woah, you okay?"

I pull her away from a hug as I try to grab her face...and that's when I see it.

My hands are bloody.

Her eyelids pull shut as she sways. "Please go," she whispers into my ear.

I look at my bloody hands again. Immediately my heart sinks. I grab and turn her and notice the back of her shirt stained with blood. She's been shot.

As she falls to her knees, I fall with her. "Save yourself," she whispers.

I look around. "Who did this?"


Her body falls limp against the floor.

I grab my phone from my pocket when suddenly from the corner of my eye I see movement.

The floor behind me creaks. I'm surrounded.

The leader, the one who stands up straight, shoulder back walks towards me.

I quickly scan my surroundings.

"Well if it isn't Mr Anderson."

I keep a straight face despite knowing that I might not leave here alive.

"Who are you?"

"Didn't I warn you to meet me and pay me, yet you refused." He smiles. "This is what you'll get. If you don't give me what I asked for. Slowly they'll all die."

"She isn't a part of this."

"She is when she's in love with you."

"I ain't giving you one cent now."

"That's fine by me, Mr Anderson. I'll just break all your bones like you did my brother."


"November, 2011. Ring a bell."

I shake my head. "No."

"The name Paris ring a bell?"

I look him in the eye. How does he know Paris.

"Remember how Paris worked for you. She was your personal assistant."

"What does she have to do with this."

"I'm sure you remember she told you she loved you and couldn't live without you." His face turns to anger. "She told you several times that she'd die without you and you still turned her down."

"I didn't love her."

The guy points at Violets limp body. "But you love her?"


"Paris was much better."

"Paris could never be Violet."

"Well after you declined, can you imagine what she did?" His voice rises. "She went to a twenty story building and jumped from the roof."

I try to hide my expression.

"All because you refused her."

"Who was Paris to you?"


I take a step back. "I'm sorry, I didn't know."

"Yea, because your sorry will bring her back."

"I didn't ask her to love me. I let her down gently. I never meant to hurt her."

"But you did anyways."

"I'm sorry, I really am."

He punches the wall. "Now my brother is in hospital because of you."

My face turns red. Now I'm angry. "My brother is in hospital too. He's in a coma. One of which he may never come out of." I walk up right to his face. "You started this. I only broke your brother's bones, next time I'll break him so bad there'll be nothing to piece back together."

He smirks. "We'll see."

Unexpectedly something hard hits the back of my head as I fall. I let out a groan as I reach for my head. Blood drips from my forehead. I hit the ground floor sharp.

He leans in. "I win."

My eyes blur as I try to get a look at Violet. Is she alive and still breathing?

He steps over me and walks off. Although I don't see where, I can hear footsteps reducing in sound.

"Violet!" I scream before I fall limp against the floor.

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