Chapter 38

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Two hours since Sam has gone. Whatever he's going to do isn't good.

From the corner of my eye I scan the room, carefully watching each individual. Who is watching us? Are they here?

Sam's mother walks over to me, tells me they're going to drop everyone home and that her and her husband will come back.

She tells me I should go home and rest but I refuse. I made Sam a promise and I'll keep it.

Daniel refuses to leave but clearly he needs to go home and rest. His eyes are red and his skin is completely pale. There are dark and obvious bags under his eyes.

Rose looks bad too. Her face is entirely red from all the crying and her hands are shivering. She can't keep still.

Sam's family gathers together and they walk out of the waiting room.

I scan the room again. To my left is a man in a black leather jacket reading a newspaper. Right in the centre is a couple holding each other's hands and saying calming words to each other. Next to them by the chairs is a lady with sunglasses, scarf wrapped tight around her neck, and pulled slightly over her chin and mouth. Who wears sunglasses indoor?

As the hour passes, people come and leave making it hard to keep track of what's going on.

I take my phone out to call Sam but I'm scared that whatever he is doing is dangerous and I don't want to call at the wrong time.

When the night comes around, my phone rings. It's Sophia indicating that they're going to be coming a little later.

I yawn as I notice sleep trying to pull me in. I shake my head a few times to stop my eyes from shutting.

I grab a chair and pull it by the door and sit down. Sleep trying to consume me.

Suddenly my face hits the ground fast and before I can register the pain across my cheek, I notice I'm being dragged. When I try to scream, no sound comes out. A hand has wrapped around my mouth.

I kick and thrust my arms about but my face gets slammed against the ground again. I pull myself back and my vision blurs as I notice blood dripping over my eyes. I drag myself across the floor but someone pulls for my leg. Strong hands grasp me around the waist as I attempt to kick myself free.

I try to see the face of my attacker but I can't. From the corner of my eye I see a man crawling into Max's room. I bite my attacker's hand and scream. I dig my nails into his face when he lets me go and I push myself back.

Getting back on my feet, I turn and run to Max's room. As I place my hand on the door handle, I feel a sharp pain across the side of my stomach. Looking down I notice a knife and my head swirls. I drop to the floor and the man makes a run for it.

Placing my hand around the knife, I try to ease it out but I can't. The pain is too much. My body is trying to quit but I force myself to the door knob as I drag myself across the floor.

Suddenly the door bursts open and I fall back from the impact. The knife digging further into my skin. My vision begins to blur further.

Suddenly two hands grasp my shoulders and I begin kicking again.

"Stop it, Violet!" He says. "It's me."

I try to register the voice because I've heard it before.

The guy cradles my head. "What happened Violet?" He screams.

The sound of someone distressed registers and I force every muscle in my hand to lift up as I point to Max's room.

"Save him."

I notice Sam looks at the room and back to me. He shouts for help but no one comes.

Suddenly he runs out of the room. I look down and realise I'm lying in a pool of blood. My blood.

A doctor follows by as Sam runs back in. He's screaming at them to save me.

He gives my hand a squeeze. "Sorry babe. Stay safe."

The next thing I know is I'm being dragged away as Sam runs into Max's room.

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