Chapter 15

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It's been over an hour that Sam and I have been sitting under this particular gazebo all alone.

I'm fidgeting with the side of my dress and he notices. The way he stares at me makes me lose my breath.

I don't know how I've suddenly felt like this because I didn't feel like this before.

"We've been here for a while, shall we go join everyone."

He nods my direction. "Let's go."

We're walking side by side until we've reached the tables. It looks like we're on time because dinner is about to be served.

A few men walk over to Sam and shake his hand. I silently pull back to not get in the way.

At that moment, Lisa walks over. "Hey Violet, your seat is over there. Right next to mine" she says as she points to the top left corner of the tables.

We both head towards our table. I look back quickly to notice Sam is still busy.

I take a seat at our table. I've seen most of these people at the office but I've never said more that the basic 'hello' to them. I probably only know Lisa and yet it's still very uncomfortable.

I pick up my name tag on the table telling me that this is my seat and start fidgeting with it.

Everyone is talking to each other and I'm sitting there awkwardly not saying a word. Lisa tries to include me in the conversation several times but the conversation dies as quickly as it starts when I talk.

I notice Sam walking over towards our table. I immediately look down and around so he doesn't notice that I've seen him.

When he approaches our table, everyone goes quiet. I try not to look him directly in the eyes but I can't help it.

"Is everything okay, sir?" Lisa asks.

He nods. "Of course, I was here because I thought it be nice if Violet was to join me at my table."

Everyone stares at me and I don't know what to do or say. Lisa leans in and says "oh my god! Only the big people sit at that table. His business partners and big clients."

That makes me more nervous. Sam reaches his hand out. "Care to join me, Violet."

I reach out and grab his hand. I notice Lisa raising an eyebrow. I don't know if she's mad or happy or maybe just confused.

He walks me over to his table and introduces me to everyone. I shyly nod and shake hands while I take a seat next to Sam.

Does this mean he likes me too? I mean he wouldn't have told me to sit with him if he didn't. Maybe I'm thinking too much into this?

I place my hands on my lap and start playing with my dress. Sam places his left hand on top of mine to stop me from fidgeting and getting nervous.

I stop fidgeting and somehow his hand over mine calms me down. He laces his fingers through mine and gives a squeeze. No one notices because it's happening under the table sheets.

We all have dinner which includes a juicy steak with mashed potatoes on the side and salad.

I get up and excuse myself to use the bathroom. Once I walk out of the bathroom, I notice Sam waiting by the bathroom door. He's leaning against the wall of the bathroom.

He stands when he notices me and walks over. "Sir, what are you doing here?"

"Waiting for you and haven't I told you that I prefer Sam."

I blush at the mention of him waiting for me. Someone as handsome and successful as him waiting for someone like me. Seems so unlikely and yet it's happening.

Without saying another word, he grabs my hand and pulls me to the carpark. There's no one here and it's completely isolated.

I noticed that we're standing by a shiny black car. He leans in closer and I attempt to back away however I end up bumping into the car instead. He places both his hands on either side of me and there's no room for movement.

"There's something I've wanted to do tonight. I've waited the whole night."

I take a deep breath. "What's that?" I say.

This time he leans in even closer until his mouth is right next to my ear. He gently whispers "I want to kiss you."

I'm not usually the kind of girl who kisses a guy I barely know but I want him to kiss me too. I can feel his breath on my ear and I do what I thought I'd never do.

I whisper back. "I think you should."

At that, he doesn't waste a moment. He presses his lips firmly against mine. His hand slips around my hip and pulls me in closer. Our bodies literally touching. I run my hand through his hair as I kiss him back. His mouth presses against mine so hard, I feel like my lips are bruising but I don't stop, instead I bite the side of his lip and then gently kiss his top lip. He uses his left hand to move a stray piece of hair away from my face and then softens the kiss. First it was fierce and now it's passionate. I don't want this moment to stop. I lean completely into him and start kissing him faster. I can hear him catching his breath but even he doesn't stop. He has me pressed up against his car, his hands on my thigh as he pulls me in closer by the thigh. His lips travel to the side of my neck and I realise a gentle moan, enough for him to kiss me rougher. His hand reaches for the zip of my dress when suddenly someone coughs behind us.

Sam immediately stops and turns around. I try to recollect myself but find it extremely hard to do so.

It's that man again, the one who brought Sam those heels for me earlier tonight.

"Sorry sir, it looks like I've come at the wrong time." He gently nods sympathetically. "I'll come back later."

He quickly rushes out of there.

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