Chapter 7

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The day is all wrapped up and I'm ready to head home.

I walk over to the elevator and wait patiently till the doors open. I hit the ground floor button.

As the elevator goes down, I stare down at my shoes. Then at my clothes.

I know mine are cheap and probably ten dollars a piece but the clothing I'm wearing feels expensive. The quality is nice and super comfy. More comfy then what I usually wear.

I realise just as the elevator gets to level six that I'm walking out of the office with clothes that Sam gave me.

It's not right, I have to give it back. I quickly press twelve rapidly until the elevator goes back up.

When I get to his office, I stop short in front of his door.

Nervously I run my hands through my hair. "Here goes" I whisper.

I knock gently until I hear Sam calling me in. Even though I'm not wearing heels now, I walk slowly towards his desk.

He looks up when he notices me. "You're still here."

"Yes...I...ummm... Well I wanted to return the clothes you gave me."

He laughs gently. "You're not being serious, are you?"

"Uhh...well yes... I am"

"Miss Jones, I gave you those clothes to keep. No need to return."

"It's just that I feel bad. You shouldn't of spent your money and time."

He smiles. "You really impress me Miss Jones. It is my office and I'm the boss here. I say it's perfectly fine for you to keep those clothes. A simple thank you will do."

I don't know what to say or do so I thank him. Awkwardly turning around and walking back out.

He calls my name just ask I get to the door.

"There is an office party this Saturday at six. Hope you can make it. I'll send you an invitation."

I smile. "I'll definitely be there." I want to jump up and down but I don't. That would just be embarrassing and I've already made quite a fool of myself in front of Sam.

"Great" he says as he grabs his phone and keys off the table. He stands and walks over to me.

I stare because clearly I don't know what else to do.

"Ready?" He asks.

"Excuse me?"

"To go home?"

"Oh yes, sorry to disturb you. I'll leave now."

I turn so fast like no one has ever done before. Ready to run out of his office. He probably thinks I'm disturbing him.

He grabs my hand just as I attempt to run or at least power walk out of there.

"You didn't disturb me at all, I thought I could walk you down."

"You don't have to do that sir, I can go myself."

"I don't doubt that. I'm about to leave too so it's only fair I walk you down."

I nod. "Thank you"

He places his hand on my back as he guides me out of the room and near the elevator . I feel something coursing through my spine.

He faces forward, not a care in the world and here I am freaking out and peaking at him from the side of my eye.

Gosh I must look like a stalker to him. When the elevator opens he guides me in. His hand still on my back. He presses ground floor and we head towards my car.

As I open the door to get in, he grabs my arm and places something in the palm of my hand.

"This is for the office underground carpark. There isn't a private space for the P.A but I'll have one made before you get here tomorrow. Can't have my P.A struggling for a spot."

"Thank you but you really don't have to."

He smiles. "You never just take things. Why is it so hard to just say thank you?"

I giggle. "Thank you."

I get in the car and drive off. When I look at the rear view mirror, Sam is still standing there. He waits until I get a little far until he walks off.

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