Chapter 10

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When I get home, I cannot think. My mind is jumbled up with a million thoughts all at once. Most of which are about him. Sam.

I walk over to the kitchen and make myself a nice hot cup of coffee as I turn the television on.

Just like it wasn't enough that I was thinking about Sam, he happens to be on TV. I blink several times to see if I'm dreaming but nope, he definitely is on TV.

He is getting interviewed and asked how he is so successful at such a young age. I want to turn the TV off but somehow I can't. Instead I sit there and watch the one hour long interview.

My phone rings just as I turn the TV off. I run and grab it. It's Bianca.

"Hey Vi."

"Hey B."

"I know you're busy with your new job and all but I've made plans for us. Tomorrow night we shall have a girls night."

Oh crap! Tomorrow is the office party and I don't want to miss it.

"Look B and don't get mad but I'm sort of busy."

"Busy? Busy with what?" She asks.

"With a party for Anderson's Corporations. Sam is throwing a party."

"What!!! No way. I'm so jealous right now. Can I come? Please tell me you're allowed to bring an extra."

"Sorry B, I can't do that but maybe you could help me."

"Go on, I'm listening."

"I don't have any dresses to wear, I need help."

Bianca laughs. "That's what you're worried about. Don't worry Vi, I've got your back. I'll swing by tomorrow morning and bring a few dresses and shoes and what not."

"No heels though" I say.

"What do you mean no heels. It's a party, you're supposed to wear heels."

"I can't even walk in them and i fell down several times on day one of work. I've embarrassed myself already."

"Oh my god!! Did Sam see you?"

"Yes B, he did. In fact he gave me a pair of shoes to change into because I kept falling."

Bianca continues laughing until we finally say goodbye.

Okay at least that's sorted. When I go into my room to grab a book from the bookshelf, I can't seem to think of anything but Sam. Even when I throw myself on to the bed and begin reading. The words all jumble up and all I can see is Sam written across the pages.

I close the book and get up.

"What is wrong with me?"

All I can think about is Sam and this so called party he is throwing for his office.

I do the unthinkable and pick up my phone. I text him "how are you?"

You know how I claim that I always make stupid decisions just after I do something. Well this is on of those moments because once again I realise how much of an idiot I am for texting him.

I mean who texts their boss asking them how they are. I slam my head against the wall.

"I swear Vi, you're an idiot."

A few seconds later I receive a reply from him. I so don't want to read it.

"I'm fine Violet, what about you?" He replies.

I stare into the phone. He actually replied. Maybe he is laughing on the other side of the phone.

Though somehow I still find myself replying back with "I'm good, thank you."

I hit send and place my phone by my bedside table. No no I should place it inside my bedside table. That way I won't text him back something stupid.

After I have a hot steaming shower, I step back into my room. I stare at my bedside table, so desperately wanting to get my phone to check and see if he replied. I just can't do it though.

I change into something comfortable and my willpower breaks because I head for my phone.

He has replied. "That's good to hear. Any reason as to why you're texting me?"

See, he does think I'm weird. I mean come on, I think I'm weird.

I should reply to that or else he will think I'm being strange.

"Just thought I'd check up on you. I saw your interview on TV, it was really good."

Damn! Seriously I need to stop that. Now he will think I'm some sort of stalker. Why did I have to mention the interview?

I hold the phone for a good ten minutes but no texts. Maybe he thinks I'm so weird and isn't texting now. Actually maybe he is busy, I mean he is a busy man. It makes sense. It must be that.

An hour later there is still no reply. I turn the TV on and watch a movie to pass the time.

My phone chimes. Excitement takes over and I rush over to my phone. "Glad you liked the interview. Is that why you texted or is there something else you'd like to say?"

How does he know what I want to say or not say. I start typing "I actually wanted to say that I'm sorry for everything that's happened."

When I hit send, it's eleven at night.

He replies immediately this time. "It's perfectly fine Violet, no need to apologise. You should go to sleep as its late, goodnight."

I look up at the clock again and this time it hits me that it is late. I send Sam a text saying goodnight and then I go into my bedroom.

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