Chapter 23

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We're in front of Alejandro's. I've been past this restaurant several times but never gone in. I've heard that a day out at this restaurant is like around a thousand dollars.

Sam starts to walk towards the entrance but I grab his hand and stop him.

"What's wrong?" He asks.

"Are you sure?" I say.

He looks at me confused. "Am I sure about what?"

"This place," I say. "It's very expensive."

He squeezes my hand and pulls me to the entrance.

When we enter, I have to do a double scan of everything. It's so gorgeous. There is this enormous water fountain in the middle of the restaurant and the carpet looks like red velvet. Something you see from a movie.

Sam wraps his arm around my hips and pulls me close. We walk over to the reservation desk.

"Mr Anderson, it's so good to see you again." This man looks me up and down and then asks Sam "is this business or pleasure this time?"

Sam smiles. "Consider it pleasure."

I look back and forth between Sam and the man, they clearly know each other. I'm assuming Sam has been here plenty of times.

"Right this way, Mr Anderson." The man directs us by the side of the Fountain. "Your favourite seat is waiting."

Sam thanks the man and walks over to pull my seat. I smile and thank him and in return he winks. I try not to blush but I can't hide it.

Who would've thought a few weeks ago, I'd be sitting here dining with Sam Anderson.

Sam hands me the menu. "Order anything you want."

WhenI grab the menu and turn to the first page, my eyes nearly pop out. Three hundred dollars for a lobster. Two hundred and fifty for cucumber soup. What is made of? Gold.

A waitress walks over towards our table. "What would you like sir?"

Sam lifts his head from the menu and orders "a lemon and mint lamb shank."

I continue to look because I feel bad spending this much on anything.

"Find anything you like, Vi?"

I like it when he calls me Vi.

"I'd like the steak."

"Of course," the waitress says. She doesn't leave though, instead she turns to Sam and runs her fingers across his arm that's resting on the table. "Is that all sir?"

Sam immediately pulls his arm back. "No that's it, thank you."

The waitress turns and leaves but I can't help of think of ways she'd fall as she walks back. I look to see if she really does fall but no luck.

Sam grabs my hand and plays with it. Gently stroking my palm with his thumb. "You look stunning."

"So you've said today." I look down at my dress. "You're going to have to stop or I'll blush."

He smirks. It's that sexy smirk again. The one that'll melt my heart and make me do anything he says. "Maybe that's exactly what I want."

"To see me blush?"

"Exactly. You look very sexy when you do."

The same waitress comes again bring our meals to the table. She smiles at Sam and I can see from the handkerchief in her hand that a number is written on it.

"Here," she says passing Sam the handkerchief and then almost seductively says "you'll need this in case."

I grab it from her before Sam can. He lifts his eyebrow at my direction, he's confused by my actions.

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