Chapter 55

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My head spins. I stare at the computer on my desk. God I think I'm going to puke.

My legs wobble and I slam my hand hard against the desk to keep myself upright.

The door swings open and Sam walks in. He takes one good look at me before he reaches my side and holds me.

I lean on him for support. "What did you do?"

My body sways and I almost feel like I'm going to fall but Sam wraps his arm around my back and pulls my body against his.

I giggle. "I drank."

"Why?" He asks.

"Well I'm confuuuuused. You wont let me seeeee the contract."

He frowns. "So you almost gave yourself alcohol poisoning because I didn't let you see a piece of paper." He shakes his head.

"Pieces of paper," I correct him. "Plus it's not, it's not alcohol poi-soning because I didst dri-nk much."

"You're slurring your word and you can barely talk, by definition very drunk."

I laugh."Take off your shirt, Sam."

I signal with my hand for him to lean closer. He sighs and then decides to obey.

"You look sexy when you're angry," I whisper in his ears.

"Violet," he says. "You're drunk."

I grab his shirt and pull him to myself at such a speed that his chest crashes into mine and we both fall.

I laugh. "We fell," I say looking at him. "Stupid Violet."

He rolls off me and as he's about to get up, I roll on top of him. I position myself in a sitting position.

I begin to unbutton his shirt but he grabs my wrists. "Violet, stop."

I quickly kiss him and then pull myself back up in a sitting position.

He tries to grab my hand to move me but I grab the alcohol bottle and threaten him that I'd drink if he even moves a little.

He raises his hand in the air. "Okay, not moving but put the bottle down."

I laugh. "I like it wh-en you feel helplessssss."

He frowns. "Violet, why don't you put the bottle down and just unbutton my damn shirt."

I smile. "Gooooood idea."

As I place the bottle on the ground, I reach for his shirt but he quickly swings me and gets on top.

I protest by wiggling and moving my body to get away from him. He grabs my hand and lifts it above my head.

"Violet, you're going to go home now and rest."

"You're mean," I reply.

The door opens and Lisa stands there. "Shit, sorry," she says as she pulls the door shut and leaves.

"Lisa sawwww," I say. "Ahh what a sin," and then I laugh.

Sam kisses my cheek before getting off me and pulling me up. "Somehow I always make a fool of myself when I'm around you Violet," he says. "And no one seems to knock. Surely seeing me like that, no one can take me seriously as a boss."

I smirk. "Aww, poor Sam."

He smiles. "Drunk doesn't suit you, Vi."

He takes me over to his office. "I think I'm gonna puke."

He looks at me. "What, now?"

I nod. "Ah ha."

Before I know it, I bend over and vomit over Sam's carpet. He holds my hair up. "Let everything out, babe."

"Your carpet," I protest.

"It's fine."

I grab my knees when I feel like I'm about to vomit again. Sam stands behind me using his sleeve of his suit, he wipes my mouth. He places an arm around my stomach and raises me as he takes me to his couch.

I lie down as Sam takes his suit off and rolls the sleeves of his shirt up. He walks into the toilet and comes out with a cloth and wipes my face with it.

I take deep breaths. "Sorry."

"You want to see the contract. How about you complete the whole list and then I'll freely hand you the contract."

I nod. "Sorry."

He frowns. "Okay, stop apologising. Just lie down and rest," he says as he turns around. "Oh and don't ever drink like that again. You're crazy when you're drunk."

I let off what I think is a laugh although once it leaves my mouth sounds constipated.

"I love you, Sam."

He smiles. "I love you too, Vi."

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