Chapter 33

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Sophia calls me to the kitchen asking for help for lunch. She passes me carrots, cucumbers and a bunch of capsicums to dice.

Grabbing the sharp knife off the kitchen bench I begin cutting.

Sophia explains how she and Daniel met. Apparently at a book store where she needed help to buy a book for her brother and Daniel picked a book out for her. She ended up seeing him the next day at a local park and decided to thank him and that's when he asked her out to dinner. Then a few years later, they got married.

"Aww, that's cute," I say.

"It is, isn't it. Your story seems to be interesting though."

I nod. "What can I say. I've been knocking down vases since I was born."

We both laugh and I can't help but smile. I haven't felt this way in so long. Not even with my own family. We're always so distant and this feels feels real.

Suddenly I feel hands on my hip. I turn my head to notice Sam behind me.

"Don't mind me, Sophia," he says.

Sophia giggles. "Go for it. Plus now is the age to have all the fun and romancing."

Sam reaches his arms around my body, grabbing my hand with the knife as he helps guide me to cut the veggies. Pausing to kiss my neck every once in a while.

"Stop it Sam, you're distracting me."

"That's not my fault. I'm here to help."

Sophia laughs when she realises the mess I've made. "Okay, maybe this was a bad idea. Sam get out of the kitchen."

Sam lifts his hand in the air. "Okay, okay I'm going," he says as he turns and leaves the kitchen.

"Violet, can you head down to the kitchen store room and grab that big baking tray," she says lifting a few trays. "These are too small for what I have in mind."

I nod and turn around. I head down the hall and then down the stairs till I get to a few doors, the door on the right is the kitchen store room. I pull at the door but it seems to be stuck.

Placing a feet on the wall I push until the door opens. For a house this big and gorgeous, the door looks awfully old.

I go in and see multiple pans and trays, utensils and everything. This room is bigger then my living room and it's only filled with kitchen supplies, like seriously who needs this many.

I go over to the tray section where there's perhaps over forty different trays.

Suddenly I hear footsteps and turn.

"Need any help?" Sam says.

I frown. "I'm fine, I can do it myself."

"Okay." Sam says as he folds his arms watching me intently.

I try to reach for the largest tray which is right up the top of the storage. My hand no where near it. I look around for a stool of some sorts but see nothing.

I put my legs up against the metal rim of the storage unit and try to climb. When I lift my leg up so that I can reach, my other leg slips. Pretty sure that I'm going to hurt myself, I close my eyes.

Suddenly I feel a warm arm around my back holding me tight. When I open my eyes Sam had caught me.

"You should've just asked for my help."

I blow him a raspberry and turn around.

Suddenly the door shuts tight. This causes a reaction out of both Sam and I, forcing us to turn and look at the door.

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