Chapter 17 Crimson Glare

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No one's POV

It's been a few days, and after a miss understanding of Sophocles believing he was moving, and gaining a Charjabug, nothing too eventful happened. Currently it's early in the morning , as Nhazul and Ash were in the middle of training in before going to school, with Lucario vs Rockruff.

Ash: Rockruff, Rock Throw!

Rockruff proceeded to use Rock Throw, launching multiple jagged rocks towards Lucario.

Nhazul: Block it with Bone Rush!

Lucario creating a staff, proceeded to block the Rock Throw by spinning the staff.

Nhazul: Again! Bone Rush!

Blitzing forward, Lucario appeared in front of Rockruff, slamming it in the face with Bone Rush, pushing it back

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Blitzing forward, Lucario appeared in front of Rockruff, slamming it in the face with Bone Rush, pushing it back.

Nhazul: Alright you two, that's enough. Take a break. Eevee, you're up.

Eevee: Vee!

Ash: You too, Rockruff. Let's go, Litten!

Litten: Lit!

Suddenly, Rockruff ran towards Lucario, attempting to attack him, as Lucario effortlessly dodged it.

Ash: Wow, you sure are eager, huh, Rockruff?

Nhazul: It's been wanting to fight Lucario a lot lately. Then let's do this, Lucario, Bone Rush on Rockruff, Eevee, Extreme Speed on Litten!

Ash: Let's go! Rockruff, Tackle! Litten, Scratch!

The four of them proceeded to use their attacks, all clashing with one another.

Ash: Keep going on the offensive! Rockruff, Rock Throw! Litten, Fire Fang!

Rockruff: Ruff!

Litten: Litt!

Litten and Rockruff both launched their attacks towards Lucario and Eevee.

Nhazul: Blow them back! Eevee, Copycat Rock Throw and aim towards Litten! Lucario, Bullet Punch, Rockruff!

Lucario quickly punched Rockruff into the ground with Bullet Punch, and Eevee hit Litten, using Rock Throw, pushing it back with Super Effective damage.

Nhazul: Alright, let's call it there.

Ash: Yeah! You both fought well. Litten, that fire was incredible.

Litten: Litt!

Ash: And Rockruff, I could really feel how motivated you were.

Rotom Dex: The power of it's Rock Throw has increased as well.

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