Chapter 28 Aether Secrets

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No one's POV

It's been a few days and taking care of Nebby was a little bit of a struggle due to it constantly Teleporting everyone around, but it got better over time. Currently, everyone was on a boat, heading towards the Aether Paradise

Lillie: Oh! It is possible for you to see the place now!

Everyone looked over and saw Aether Paradise in the distance.

Ash: Whoa...

Lillie: That over there is Aether Paradise

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Lillie: That over there is Aether Paradise.

Upon docking the ship in the docking bay, everyone walked off, and looked around.

Nhazul: Jeez, even your docking bay is massive.

Faba: Welcome here. It's a pleasure to see you all.

Everyone looked over and saw Faba and Wicke walking up to them.

Wicke: Welcome.

Ash: Oh, it's Wicke and Faba!

Lillie: I would like to thank you two kindly for coming all the way out here to greet us.

Wicke: Lillie, everyone. We've been waiting for you.

Faba: It's been quite awhile since you last visited Aether Paradise, has it not, Missy Lillie?

Lillie began blushing embarrassed.

Lillie: Please, did I not already ask you to stop addressing me as "Missy"?

Faba: Oh, you will always remain "Missy" to me, Missy.

Lillie: On another subject, where is my mother?

Wicke: Your mother is expecting you in the residence.

Lillie: What?! She was the one who insisted we come by for your tour. That is the reason I had the others accompany me here.

Faba: You see, your mother is a very busy person and is unable to get away from her work. On another subject, Milady...Um... Where is Nebby today?

Nhazul: Right here.

Nebby then floated from behind Nhazul's head.

Nebby: Cos!

Faba: Oh!

Faba attempted to grab Nebby only for it to Teleport to the other side, resulting in grabbing Eevee.

Eevee: Vee?

Annoyed, Faba threw Eevee, but Nhazul quickly caught before she fell into the water. As he did, he and Eevee looked at Faba annoyed.

Nhazul: What the hell is the matter with you?!

Eevee: Eevee!

Lillie: Faba!

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