Chapter 55 Parallel Worlds Pt 1

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No one's POV

It's been a few days, with the only major thing of note is that Lana had caught a wild Vaporeon, named Sandy, along with Popplio learning Surf.

(A/N) Now, I've made the decision to give Lana a Vaporeon instead of an Eevee. I'm pretty sure, everyone expected her to Eevee down the line to evolve, but he never really did. As for the episode, it plays out the exact same, only change it's a Vaporeon instead of Eevee, so nothing really changed.

Currently outside of Kukui's house, Type: Null was laying down on the beach, while Nhazul, Lucario and Greninja were standing in the water, training their Aura.


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Nhazul: ...

Greninja: ...


Margo: Big bro!

Nhazul was brought out of his thoughts when he heard Margo, looking back to see her on the beach.

Nhazul: Margo? Greninja, Lucario, you two head back, I'll be there in a few.

Lucario: Cario.

Greninja: Kouga.

As Greninja and Lucario left, Nhazul walked out of the water, as Margo walked up to him smiling.

Nhazul: What are you doing here?

Margo: Mom and dad said I could come with you to the Pokémon school today, if it was alright with you.

Nhazul: Oh, sure I don't mind, but did you walk here on your own?

Margo: Um Hmm. Everyone here is really nice! An older lady at the market even gave me all these berries.

Nhazul: Yeah, she is really nice.

Suddenly, Type: Null walked over to the two of them, as Margo smiled at it, petting it's head.

Margo: Good morning, Silvally.

Type: Null: Vally.

Suddenly, Margo's stomach started growling, as she blushed a bit.

Nhazul: I guess someone skipped breakfast.

Margo: Ahaha... I guess I was a little too excited...

Nhazul just patted her head.

Nhazul: Don't worry about it. You can have breakfast with us.

As the three of them started to walk back to Kukui's house, Type: Null's eyes widened, as it looked behind it, which the others noticed.

Nhazul: Silvally? What's wrong?

Without warning, Type: Null ran off, surprising Nhazul and Margo, as they both went after it.

Nhazul: Silvally, wait!

Margo: Where is it going?

Nhazul: I'm not sure...

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