Chapter 52 Caving In

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No one's POV

It's the end of the day and currently Nhazul and Eevee were getting ready to head home, when he heard footsteps behind him, turning around to see Lana and Serena behind him.

Lana: Hey, Nhazul.

Serena: Oh, Nhazul.

Nhazul: Hmm? What's up?

Both Serena and Lana both looked at each other.

Serena: Umm. You first, Lana.

Lana: No, you first.

Serena: Okay. Umm, I was wondering if you were free right now. I wanted to train with you battling.

Lana then looks at Serena surprised.

Lana: Oh...! I was going to ask Nhazul to help Popplio and with Balloon training.

Nhazul looked at the both of them, and sighed.

Nhazul: Alright then, how about this? The three of us all go together? We go to the beach where Lana can practice, and we can battle there as well.

The two of them looked at Nhazul surprised.

Lana: That's a good idea. That works for me, if it's okay with Serena.

Serena: Yeah, I know don't mind, either. Let's go.

Nhazul's thoughts: That was surprisingly simple...


Currently, Nhazul had just finished training with Serena with batting and Lana with her Balloon training, as they sat down on a rock resting.

Nhazul: Well, I think we should wrap it up here.

Lana: Yeah, thanks for helping us out, Nhazul.

Serena: Yeah, thanks. I feel like I'm getting even better at batting.

Nhazul: Yeah, you are. I can definitely can see the progress.

Eevee: Vee?

Nhazul: What's wrong-

As Nhazul's talking, he felt a rain drop hit his face and looked up to see it's about to start raining.

Nhazul: It's raining? But it was just sunny a second ago.

Suddenly, the rain started coming down harder on the three of them.

Serena: Ah! It's pouring!

Lana: What should we do? Go back to town?

Nhazul: In this rain, we be soaked by the time we reach town....

Nhazul looked over and saw a cave.

Nhazul: Let's wait inside that cave until the rain stops.

Serena: If that's the plan, we better move fast! We'll get soaked standing here like this!

The three of them make it to the cave just in time before it starts to rain even harder then before, as everyone's Pokémon started drying themselves off.

Nhazul: This cave doesn't like that deep, and there shouldn't be any wild Pokémon inside. I think we're fine here until the storm stops.

Serena: I'm soaked...

Lana looked down at her clothes and sighed.

Lana: Of course my mom wanted to wash my swimsuit today of all days...

Lana and Serena looked over and saw Nhazul taking off his shirt and jacket, making them blush like crazy.

Serena: N-N-Nhazul?! What are you thinking taking off your shirt all of sudden?!

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