Disclaimer (Better Off Reading This)

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[March 14th, 2023] Hi Everyone! I know many people loved this book when I had first wrote it back in 2018, but I had just recently came back to wattpad and re-looked at/published my old works. And when I tell you I GASPEDDDD at this book and how it's written. Please don't mind 16-year-old me and my style of writing! I'm going to keep this book the way it is for nostalgia purposes but I am going to say just read at your own discretion! Also, if the medias are not showing up within the next day or two, let me know so I can update the chapters. All in all, I'm glad to be back and I hope you all look forward to my new books because I sure am! Love you lots .

I am a huge fan of XXXTentacion, and many of you are too. But, before I make this book, I would like to state a couple of things.

This will not, and I mean, will not be some regular bummy fanfiction where the boy meets the girl, you know, the cutesy shit, the cliche shit. Of course, there will be cute increments, I'm not going to make this boring, but I'm also not going to make this vanilla. There will be action, there will be new scenery. I'm not going to leave this book placed in Florida and I refuse to just throw Ski Mask and Trippie in here for some fill in chapters. If/when I add them in, there will be a purpose, there will be context. Ya'll might have mixed feelings about it though, but books are supposed to play with emotions!

You will have to go through the aches of character development and you will have to withstand waits for chapters because I will not release chapters just so I can have fluff to make the book longer or to satisfy myself and/or readers for a couple of minutes. I'm not gonna make ya'll wait too long either. I will try to make this book as interesting as possible so it can be worth reads and worth votes.

Certain chapters may be shorter than others because in some cases, getting to the point may only leave me with about 1k words, but most chapters are over 2k. But, if there are chapters that are on the shorter side, there's a reason.

I'm telling you the setting now so you can understand that the way these people speak, act, and move is different. This is going to be set in New York City, the lingo is different, but, I'm not going to set this in an exact borough or "hood" because I want readers to use a little imagination, there will be set structure though.

If you are triggered by violence, sexual doings or anything along those lines, please be cautious if you read, there are many dramatic scenes and this is marked as mature for a reason.

There will be changes of point of view and I'm going to make them as straightforward and non-confusing as possible without having to put "So and So's POV" at the top of the chapter because that's ugly.

Comments and feedback are great! Don't be afraid to leave funny shit, things that get you tight, I love all of that, I'm a commenter too. I read everything! Best believe I do. You could also leave suggestions in my inbox, this is all about growth honeyyyyy! I still read fanfictions too, I love reading the fluffy shit, but this time, I wanted to create more of a book with action, the best I can, and I actually want to FINISH IT. No matter how hard it is, everyone will see a 'completed on so and so date' at the bottom of this book. Out of the 22 books I've written, only 6 were complete, and they were all ass, so, this is another shot.

This can also just be another fail and when I come back to read it I can laugh at how terrible it is and this can be another treasure in the Archive.

Lastly, rest in peace to our beloved baby boy. Jahseh's music and persona have put such a fire in my heart and a fire in my soul to go after what I want to achieve. You've left an impact on me and all your other supporters, you know exactly how much you meant to all of us. Nuff said bc I'm not finna cry .. again.


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