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It's two weeks after the Thanksgiving incident and surprisingly, they were regular.

Ordinary days.

From me going to work, to my sister and I having fights about chores, to our nightly family dinners.

But then you add Jahseh in the picture and my regular days don't become regular.

Before my relationship, I never used to ache as I waited for a text back, now, I'm fidgeting waiting for Jahseh to send me one back.

We spoke every day, and I mean every day.

That put such a smile on my face, I was beaming every day I came into work.

They probably thought I was getting dick or something.

Not yet.

Cj lost the attitude and just had to come to terms with the fact that I was with Jah, and he wasn't getting in between that.

Since he already met my parents, he wanted me to meet his mom and his little brother.

I was pretty nervous because when it comes to the same sex, there can be many ways this can go south.

He also said that she is a female version of him, so you already know that scared me.

I was currently at work right now and I was the most fidgety I've ever been. My coworker, Alex, started to look at me funny.

"Uh, Mani, are you good?" She asked, watching me play with the cash register.

"You know I'm meeting his mom tonight?" I mumbled, taking a deep breath.

She gasped and looked at me, smiling. "You're nervous, aren't you?" She asked.

I nodded my head, I never knew if I was that good with parents. You don't want to act fake because anyone and everyone can sense fake, but you don't want to show them too much or act like they're one of your friends, because they're still an adult and not in your age group.

She gave me a little pep talk before I clocked out, having an earlier shift.

I requested one specifically for today, knowing I was having dinner with my boyfriend's mom.

That's so weird but comforting to say.

My boyfriend.

I smiled as I grabbed my stuff, waving goodbye to Alex at the register and to everyone else working, quickly trying to find my way through the mall to the exit.

When I first went outside I wanted to just run to the car because it was so cold, already feeling my nose burn.

When I was on my way home, I was terrified I was going to get into an accident from how my nerves were acting up. I was more jumpy than usual and I was even paranoid.

What if she doesn't like me?

What if she thinks I'm ugly?

What if his little brother says something mean? Kids are one of the most outspoken.

I shook the thoughts out of my head I pulled into my driveway, releasing the breath I didn't even know I was holding.

When I walked in, I saw my mom on the couch watching T.v.

I screamed a "hey ma!" before trying to run up the stairs.

"Mani, come back here!" She yelled. I mentally groaned and ran back down the stairs.

"You're still going out today?" She asked, I nodded yes and she was able to see the nervousness on my face.

"It'll be fine baby, when do you have to be there at?"

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