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Christmas was tomorrow and I didn't know what to get my girlfriend. She meant so much to me but she already told me not to get her something that expensive, I mean, I don't think I should listen to her.

It's about 9 in the morning right now and I'm laying in bed with Aiden. Normally, I wouldn't want this little booger in my room, but he ran in here crying at around 3 saying that he had a nightmare, so I let him sleep with me.

I didn't want to wake him up by sudden movement so, I laid where I was.

Who can I talk to about this? My close friends are all asleep, and I can't talk to my lady about this, but Stokeley is still on that jail sleeping schedule, so I hit him up.

Hey man, u up ?

Yea bby, wassup??

I need ur help
I don't know wht to get the lil baby
She basically told me no designer shit
She has some sneakers tht she wants
But thts mad basic
She likes gold

Promise ring?

You know when u give yourself a tiny cut
Whelp, we both did that
And touched cuts
And now we're spiritually one
So a promise ring don't mean shit

You sat there and did a fucking
Yous a crazy nigga

*Blood Bond
That's the loml 😩
I'm not no thug or w.e
But I ain't no pussy nigga either
But she's just so diff vro ..

Remember what happened last time?
Last time you said you liked a fem?
She fucked you over vro 😐

Well Imani isn't like that
I'm about to eat her wuss bro
Her head game? Nah I don't kiss and tell
But F U C K 😩

You know I be wanting details
But nah , nasty
Her sister is type fye tho 😁
And get her a necklace vro
That would be fye
On script letters and shii


I started to look up jewelry places. Imani always wears the same three necklaces, and I want her to add mine to the collection.

I also wanted to get her some sexy lingerie. Yes, that may be cliche, but I just want her to know that one day I will be fucking the shit out of her.

I didn't want to force her though, I want her to know that I'm in this because my heart is there, not just my dick. But as soon as she gives me the green light, it's over.

I'm a very sexual person, so all I'm saying, when she opens the gates, I'm staying.

I want to give this girl everything, I feel like she just doesn't get it.


What's her favorite color again? She's always changing shit. I need to shower.


I get attached so easily. I'm deadass a pussy.

It's almost Christmas and I have to spend a bit of bread, I need to get up.

Now I need to dodge Imani in the mall, she works today.

I know lil baby's whole schedule.

That's really my wife, I miss her. She sent me a text already too. When I moved Aiden off me and left my room, I opened up her message.

Good morning my love ❤️.

I smiled and sent her a good morning text back, taking off my clothes.

My shit is still big when it's soft.

I laughed at my thoughts and went in the shower, afterward, getting ready to leave.

Before leaving the house I told my mom I'll be out and she tells me to be safe. Every day she tells me that, of course, I'm going try my hardest to be safe Ma.

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