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I was in my room, laying in just a tank top and underwear when Jahseh came across my mind. I just came from going food shopping for Ma, since she's been really busy lately.

I picked up my phone and clicked on Jahseh's contact name. I hesitated before clicking on the phone icon. I held it, not knowing if I would be able to speak to him verbally, I took my finger off it and clicked on the message Icon.

I texted him a simple 'hey', quickly moving out of his message thread. He didn't text me back, so I just shrugged and locked my phone, putting it to the side.

I haven't masturbated in a while.

I smiled at the thought and got up, locking my door, even though I was home alone. Lisette was at school at the moment, so I could actually enjoy myself.

I slipped my underwear off and pulled my tank top up, exposing my boobs. When they were uncovered and exposed to the air, my nipples hardened into brown nubs.

I played with myself for about 3 minutes, feeling my climax come. I was never really interested in fingering myself though, it felt great when Jahseh would do it to me, it was just awkward when I tried to do it to myself. I'm a clit kind of girl.

The thought of Jahseh's hands replacing mine just made me want to explode. I stifled my moans by biting my bottom lip as my thighs shook a little. That was one of the best high's I've ever had.

I laid on my back as I caught my breath, wanting my heart rate to go back to normal. I then got up and went to go pee and wash my hands. I slid my underwear back on and laid back on my bed.

I was about to go on Instagram when his contact name came up in my notifications.

You actually want to speak to me now?

Of course I want to speak to you, dickie.
I missed you, way too much.
Last time I saw you I was just upset..
I don't want anything to happen to you.
If something did I would blame myself, I love you too much..

I love u too baby ❤️
I would never want u to feel a type of way about my actions..
But u also need to realize that sometimes I do what I feel is deemed necessary..

So, you think risking your life by fucking with my family was necessary?

Did I not just make that clear?

If you're in a bad mood we might as well not speak.
I don't feel like dealing with your shit right now.

Was 4 days not enough?

Let's not forget about what happened
Ur the one that wanted the break
You was fucking with someone?
Yo let me fucking find out

I wasn't fucking with anybody you dumbass
Only thing I did was play with my ...
Only bc SOMEONE wanted to fuck up

Wait a sec
You had play time without me?
Yeah don't talk to me

Are you serious Jah?
This whole conversation was just negative
Waste of fucking time

I locked my phone and threw it down on the bed. He is so fucking aggravating sometimes. Fucking bitch.

I put on a pair of his basketball shorts, rolling the waist so it can fit me a bit better, and I headed downstairs. Lisette just came home and she greeted me with a smile.

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