Epilogue - Part Four: Decisions

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"Yeah, and then she calls me up..."

"Hey, Imani, are you busy right now?" Cleopatra asked me. She sounds a bit hesitant, which scares me a bit.

"Um, no, I'm not busy, why? Is everything okay?" I asked, putting the knife down. I just finished cutting my fruit up.

"I'm not even sure how to best say this..." Cleopatra trailed off.

"Are you sure everything is okay Cleo?" I asked, putting the fruit chunks in a plastic bowl.

"Where are you right now? I need you to meet me, it's about Jahseh hun." She sadly admitted.

My heart started to beat extremely fast, I didn't even went to admit what I was thinking, because it was all negative.

"I'm home-"

"I'm almost at the hospital, you should come now." She ordered. She seems a little off edge, but she's been doing better than me.

She's been so strong through this whole thing, and that's her son laying in that bed.

I shook my head of the thoughts and gave her a simple 'okay' before saying my goodbyes.

I slipped on my shoes that I left by the door and walked out, holding my fruit and phone in my hand.

I was eating while driving, I was nervous, okay? I was just hoping that I could keep this down just in case something dramatic does happen.

When I pulled up to the hospital, I looked at my texts to see where I should meet up with her, and she just said Jah's room, so that's where I was headed.

When I stepped into the room, I saw her caramel skin sitting next to Jahseh.

I gave her a quick hug and asked her what happened, pulling up a chair so I can be closer to the two.

Ever since the interview with Adam yesterday, more people started following me. Let's not even talk about Jahseh's fan base, his followers doubled ever since he was out in this state.

"So, the doctor spoke to me about some things, and I went to fill you in before I make my decisions." She began to explain, but a doctor walked in.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know he had visitors right now. I need to check his vitals, but I'll be out of your hair in no time." The man smiled.

"Actually, do you mind explaining what's going on with Dwayne again? The nurse tried to tell me over the phone, but it was pretty hectic." Cleopatra asked.

"Sure, I'm a most done checking his heart monitor... okay, his progress, yes?" He asked, looking at his clipboard as we both nodded.

"Okay, well, if I'm being honest here, he's not doing too well. His progress is moving turtle like. Yes, trust me, there is progress, but by the way he's healing, he'll be about 98-100 pounds. When he first came in, he was about 157." He sighed, taking a seat, setting his clipboard down.

"So you're saying he wouldn't be able to walk? How long do you think he might take?" I asked, my throat getting a bit dry.

"Well, what we did yesterday after Ms.Cleopatra left didn't seem to work. We objected him with metabolism boosters but his body most likely rejected it, so it came out in his urine." He said, shaking his head.

"My poor baby." I heard his mom whisper to herself.

"And with the weight loss, it's his muscles deteriorating. See, when you don't use something for quite a while, your body feels as if there's no need, and it would basically, in simpler terms, remove the excess. He's getting closer to the point where that's going to start happening. Usually in male patients in his range, he would start the decrease in about two weeks. You're lucky he took care of himself, because it's taking longer for his body to decline." He stated.

I took a deep breath and put my head in my hands, taking deep breaths before sitting up straight.

I don't even know what to say as of right now.

"So, what are s-some options." Cleo sniffed.


"So what happened?" Lisette asked me.

"After the doctor left, Cleo basically told me that after these two weeks, as soon as his health starts declining, she... she wants to pull the plug." I said, tears forming in my eyes.

Lisette, Rocky and I were in our living room, speaking about what happened earlier today, and I just feel, out of place I guess you can say.

"Pull the plug? What the fuck do you mean? She can't do that-"

"She can. She's the only legal guardian of him. His grandmother is gone, and his father never got any legal rights with him. And even if they did, how can you blame her for thinking that way?" Ricky swigged, shaking his head.

"You have to remember, we don't know when he'll wake up, if he'll wake up. Also, if he wakes up too late, he'll have the body of a 10 year old girl." He spoke, dramatically waving his hands around.

I had to realize that Cleo just wasn't trying to protect herself and the other around her, but she wanted to protect him, save him I guess.

She knew that if Jahseh woke up being fucking underweight and sickly looking, he would hate himself, probably everyone around him too.

And don't get me wrong, when it comes to his looks, most of the time he doesn't care, but that's with him and his own well being, but this? This is out of his control, and that's why he'll hate everything about this situation.

"I know I'm being selfish, but you don't know how-" I was about to continue but my phone started to ring, Cleopatra's name popping up for the second time.

It was around 10pm, I didn't even know she would be up at this time.

I showed them who was calling and Lisette mouthed to me 'put her on speaker'.

I rolled my eyes and slid the green phone button across with my thumb, immediately putting her on speaker for my nosy ass sister.

"Mani! Please! It's Jahseh, I-I"

"What's going on Cleo?" I asked, my eyebrows furrowing.

"It's Jahseh! I think we're losing h-"

I kicked the puzzle box across the room.

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