Epilogue - Part Three: Converse

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"A video of you just went viral the other day, do you know which one I'm talking about?" NoJumper asked me.

Basically, to give you a rundown on what happened to me, someone made me go viral. The video of me playing a song that currently has no name for Jahseh spread everywhere. It got this man's attention, so, I decided to speak with him.

He flew to New York to see Jahseh in the hospital, and he scheduled an appointment for me to have an interview with him.

But who knew I would have a conversation with this man for over two hours?

"Yeah, I saw it, I hate it honestly!" I laughed.

"Why is that?" Adam asked.

"Because, I'm a crying mess in that video, my eyes are so red!" I exclaimed, laughing a bit.

"Trust me, that camera was high definition, everyone saw," he laughed, "But anyways, yo know there's a huge chance this whole situation may go left, right? Do you get any hate?" He finished.

"Of course I got hate, people always try and say something is fake. I remember one Instagram comment said that whole thing was staged. If you think this shit is fake, so be it. And with this situation going left, I try not to think about it because I don't want to speak things into existence, but to keep exposing his privacy to a minimum, he wrote his will a couple months ago, his mom is getting paperwork done." I concluded, shaking my head.

"What really happened that night? No one on the outside really knows the true story." Adam asked.

"Man, if I even said 1/4 of this shit, majority is going to think I set my man up." I chuckled.

But think about it, the day he asked me out, he got into it with my family. I'm the opp's baby cousin! Somehow back in Florida, my family and his friends had it out for each other, and I was clueless.

"I mean, I'm hoping you didn't." He laughed, "More tragic things happened besides X though. You're other family member Xavier passed away as well." He spoke.

"Yeah, seeing him in the hospital was tough too, especially when right after I was done speaking to him, my mom and I walked out the hospital room, his heart monitors started going crazy. He passed about 15 minutes after they tried performing that voltage shit to his chest." I spoke, tearing up a little.

"Wow, I'm sorry for your loss, you're really a trooper, you know that right? You're going through so much and you still do all of this positive shit. How long has it been since Jahseh has been in his 'sleep'?" He asked.

"Uh, tomorrow makes week 3." I spoke, my voice growing softer.

"How are you holding up?" He asked me, pushing the microphone closer to my mouth.

"Man, I don't even know my damn self. I don't even know how I was able to get up to speak with you today, if I'm being honest. I'm actually going to the hospital after this to go see him. I feel like my life is ending."

"Explain." He simply responded.

"Explain how I feel? I'll try to depict a scenario for you. You have a girlfriend, Lena, right? I'm not going to use you in particular because I'm not going to speak this type of negativity into the universe. There's two people in a relationship, their names are Heart and Soul. Heart and Soul are completely infatuated with one another. They completely enveloped each other with love, attention, compassion, and happiness. Then, all of a sudden, Soul is now in a situation they cannot control, and it's up to the forces of nature and the universe to dictate how their life is going to turn out. But now, Heart is left alone... Heart is left alone with no explanation," I started, taking a deep breath.

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