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"Wait, what?" I asked. I knew who he was because one day when I was with Jahseh in the car, he FaceTimed him.

He was this cute boy from what I remember, I was trying not to intervene in their conversation and just focus on driving.

Jahseh's reaction is what broke my heart though, I've never seen so many tears fall out of his eyes.

"C-Coolie, I don't know why they would do that to him he was just a fucking kid. He was never in any of this shit." He screamed.

"Babe, what are you talking about?" I asked as he sat down next to me.

"They're trying to get back at me and my gang, I swear to god they are." He yelled, his head in his hands.

I sat there for a minute, trying to understand what the fuck he was talking about, but he wasn't explaining anything.

"Coolie was coming up here to visit me, Ski, and the rest of the guys who you haven't met yet, and Ski doesn't know all the details yet, but someone just fucking shot him in the head." He said, his voice cracking to the end of his sentence.

Later that day, he wanted to go out to this small club/bar scene. He just found out one of his friends are dead and he wants to go party?

Whatever floats your boat.

I brought Lisette with me, telling him I'll meet him there. I left him at around 3 because I knew he wanted to be alone. Of course, I didn't want to leave him, but, that's what he wanted.

We were at the bar and I was explaining what happened to Lisette because our uber driver was nosy as fuck and I didn't want to spill details in front of him.

She was wide-eyed the whole time as I was explaining the event that happened earlier today. That's when we heard a shit load of commotion outside.

For some reason, I just had a feeling to go look at what was going on. When I saw the scene, I shook my head and mentally facepalmed myself. Why? Because, there my boyfriend was, arguing with a group of boys.

I walked out and saw Rakim, he turned around and walked over to me, saying Jahseh went crazy because someone pulled a gun out on him.

"Buss it! Buss it! I dare you!" I heard Jahseh yell. As soon as I heard him scream, I walked around the group of people to have a clear view of what the fuck was going on. I done took my heels off already, my socks and slides were already on, so let me know who's causing problems.

A couple guys started to push Jahseh out the way, acting as if he was the one with the gun.

"Yo, look at that shit son!" Jahseh yelled. He ran around to where I was and stopped when he saw me.

He fucking shoved me.

He pushed me right into Rakim and Lisette's arms. After he did that he yelled, "Don't let my girl come over here".

Aww, to save my life he almost made me break my leg, how sweet.

No other fighting happened because Jahseh was yelling towards the guy, who never put his gun away, which had me scared. If you're not gonna use it why flaunt it.

"Police Vro!" Stokeley yelled. Jahesh just stood there before walking back to his car, he never took his eyes of that man.

He looked towards my direction and put up a finger, signaling for me to wait.

"So, who's this punk ass nigga's bitch-"

"Yo Lisette, how are you getting home?" I turned and asked before I was about to make a scene, but when I actually did turn around, Rakim and Lisette were already speaking, so I shrugged it off.

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