45: The Beginning of the End

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Imani carefully walked down the steps, not wanting to make any noises while eavesdropping on the situation

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Imani carefully walked down the steps, not wanting to make any noises while eavesdropping on the situation.

The first person she laid eyes on was Stokeley, the back of his head of course. Her heart started to best profusely as she got to the last step, hoping that none of the stairs would squeal under her feet.

She was thankful she didn't wear heels like she was suggested to.

When she got to the last step, she heard gasping and grunting to her left, so she quickly trotted behind the boxes and crates.

"Oh my god, Tank, what the hell happened?" She gasped, kneeling down at his side.

His eyes were screwed shut as he clenched his stomach, groaning in pain and agony. Sweat was running down his bald and tattooed head, his eyebrows furrowing harder and harder by the second.

He gasped for air when he tried to answer he question, but she "shushed" him and ripped his shirt, making a tight not around his torso to help the bleeding subside.

That's when he gathered the strength to move his lips, letting out whimpers before actually whispering to her.

"Jahseh loves you with all his heart. When he lost a special female friend of his, he was heart-heartbroken." He said weakly, coughing in between his words.

She didn't understand why he would want to preach those words to her, but it was the upcoming events that would explain it all.

"When- when he told me you two took a four day break, he had that same exact hurt of when that girl died. Imagine if you actually broke it off with him?" He asked, chuckling.

Imani Wesley smiled at him, but that quickly went away when his blinks started to slow down, he was becoming one with the clouds and she didn't want that to happen.

"Tank, please, come on, keep your eyes open, tell me more stuff, what else do you want me to know?" She asked him while pulling out her phone.

She barely had service downstairs but she adverted her attention in between the two. She started to text her sister, telling her that there's a predicament downstairs.

She was only able to tell her that one sentence before Tank started to speak, her text messages losing her attention.

"Please, please save him. Don't let him pass like this, he's just getting started..." tank trailed off, letting a tear run down his eye. He gasped for air once more before speaking again.

By now, Imani was crying at the sight, she couldn't make any noise though, because she knew t would be the end of the both of them.

But the she realized, Stokeley isn't alone.

She heard his voice.

"Mikey?" She whispered to herself after she heard his raspy voice.

She than asked herself, how did he get down here? I was just with him?

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