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Its December 23rd and today is Jahseh and I's one-month anniversary.

He's taking me to one of his favorite Asian places.

He came over this morning actually, not up to my room because no one was home and I laid out what I was wearing on my bed and I didn't want him to see.

We were on the couch, and I kid you not, we were about to have sex, but my lovely sister had to come home.

She didn't notice how we looked either, we were all over the place. My hair was already crazy looking because if Jahseh is my boyfriend he has to see me when I look like I just got out of bed. My bonnet was on, but you know that came off. And I was only wearing a big t-shirt, one of my fathers actually, he was a pretty big man, and I'm a pretty short girl, so it fell to my knees.

All I had on underneath was underwear.

He came over to drop something off for my mom, I think it was a cookbook? I mean, I don't know what he was trying to say because my mom cooks amazing. But I think it had something to do with fruits and how to cook with them because she hates cooking with fruits.

He was here, and no one else was home, so he was just chilling on the couch. I sat down next to him and he eyed me, he saw my nipples too.

Long story short his pants were in the middle of his thigh and his dick was pretty hard.

Let's talk about that for a second.

Who the fuck blessed him with that?

I mean, I can think its a blessing right now, but when we actually do it, that'll be something.

Also, I think I'm ready, I've steered away from anything sexual and I feel like he thought I didn't want to do it with him because I was turned off, but that wasn't the reason. It was just, I don't know, a lot was going on.

But tomorrow I'm getting my birth control pills, and next week, I'm getting my first Brazilian wax with my sister.

If I'm actually going to lose it, I want to feel very prepared, you know?

And I've also been extremely horny.

Fuck, off topic, I should be getting in the shower.

While I was in the shower, I washed my hair and shaved, doing a scrub as well.

I was kind of excited, this was our first real restaurant date, not the little times we were out causing trouble in the middle of the night and got hungry.

I took a deep breath, nervousness rising in my stomach. I turned the shower water off and stepped out, wrapping my towel around me, washing my face and brushing my teeth, since I forgot to do it while I was inside the shower.

I made sure I was running on good timing, I don't want to have him waiting on me, I'm always late, and I could be the first one getting ready.

I went to my room and did my skincare, focusing on my hair. I didn't really want to put in a bun or a slick ponytail, I wanted to leave it in a curly state, so I just did my natural hair routine.

When my hair was almost done drying, after using the diffuser, my curls were all the way sexy. I didn't have a distinguished part, remember he complimented my hair when it was like this one day.

I kept my makeup pretty natural on the face, but my lip color was a deep red.

I carefully put on my dress, not wanting to mess anything up when I heard a knock on my door.

"Open!" I yelled, trying to put in my gold studs.

"Someone's looking sexy!" My sister exclaimed, taking a snap video of me, making me laugh at her.

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