Epilogue - Part Five: Tears

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I rushed into the hospital, not caring that I left Lisette and her boyfriend behind. My legs were burning how fast I was running through the hospital.

"Miss! Please walk!" I heard a nurse yell.

I slid over the elevator and pressed the up button.


I ran to the stairs and started running up the numerous flights. Maybe I should've thought this through.

I finally got to the seventh floor, and I started to speed walk towards Jahseh's room, which had a whole heap of commotion in front of it.

When I got closer to the room, I heard the monitors go haywire and Cleopatra's sobs.

When I finally got to the door, the sounds stopped. My heart is about to drop in my ass.

When I saw the sight in front of me, my mouth hung open as I cover it with my hand.

I stare ed to shake my head at the sight, one of the nurses tried to sooty me by rubbing my back, but that just provoked the sobs.

I walked towards Cleo and gave her a hug as she sobbed in my shoulder.

When I let her go, I looked towards the body in front of me and wiped my tears, biting on my bottom lip to shut my sobs up.

His body was completely still. His Saline drip was finished, dried empty.

The room fell silent as I shook my head in disbelief, I almost lost the feeling in my legs.

I walked towards him and held his hand, gently squeezing it.

I waited for a response and he didn't do it quick enough, my face fell.

He squeezed it back.

My tears started to pour as he only opened one of his eyes, closing it almost immediately.

I chuckled and ran my thumb across the back of his hand.

"M...Mani." He croaked. His voice was as raspy as ever. Tears slipped out of his eyes, and they were continuous. His eyes weren't open yet, and the head doctors walked in.

I moved back and sat with his mom. My sister and Rocky were stuck outside the room for the time being because the nurses said they had to stay out for right now.

They should've ran with me.

The doctors did eye checks, they made him sit up, saw if he could walk, and a lot of other tests.

Surprisingly, he passed almost all of them. His breathing wasn't under his control yet, he had a limp, and he couldn't squeeze either of his hands fully.

His eyes kept tearing as well, but the doctors said it's just his body getting back to normal and getting used to light.

I smiled at him as they let him sky back down. His mom left the room to have a talk with other medical physicians, so it was just the two of us in there.

"I look bad?" He asked me, using the remote to push his bed forward, so he's sitting up.

"Honestly, no. You just look like you've been staring at your computer too long. Are you allowed to physically drink anything yet?" I asked.

He didn't answer me, but he looks around the room at everything everyone's left for him, and I can tell he was overwhelmed. He picked up one of the many envelopes that was on the bedside table, ripping it open.

"It's from a girl named Iris, she wrote something really long. Aww, she put pictures of her and her friends with their merchandise of me! Bae look!" He smiled, pointing at the picture. I smiled and looked at him, a certain sparkle was in his eye, something I haven't seen in a long time.

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