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I got into another argument with my mom, it's always about money.

"What happened at the coffee shop, Imani?" She questioned.

"I told you, they were being very unreasonable," I answered, giving her a bit of attitude.

"I just don't want to see you waste your time, you were never used to doing such." She added.

Honestly speaking, all I remember was that I was on the phone with Jahseh, for about 10 minutes, before she called me to speak with me downstairs, so I hung up on him.

When I was just about to make him crack on why he moved here. He was probably going to lie to me anyway, but its a step towards something.

She just started yelling, yelling about bills, my father, a whole bunch of shit, and I didn't understand what that had to do with me.

She's acting like everything I get isn't with my own money, I'll be 19 in February, if she really wants to go there I'll fucking leave.

So I left.

Well, temporarily.

It was around 8 and since it's late October it gets dark around 6, so you can imagine how dark it was right now.

I knew I was assed out when I had to be at least a mile away from home when I was changing the song and saw raindrops on my phone.

I groaned out loud and kept walking my way home, sliding my hands in my hoodie's pockets.

My music was then interrupted when I was got a phone call.

I pressed the answer button on my earphones without even looking at the caller i.d.

"Hello? It's not a good time-"

"I see you, why are you walking in the rain?" The male voice said.

I quickly pulled my phone out, looking to see who it would be.

"Why are you driving in the rain, Jahseh?" I asked, turning around and seeing a car parked across the street.

"Cross and come inside." He says, hanging up before I can say anything else.

I looked both ways and scurried across the street, the rain got really heavy in only a few minutes.

I knocked on the window to tell him to open up, I heard the click and I sat down, looking at him.

He turned his face towards me, his eyes were kind of red and his hair was down with his hood up. His lips were pink and the car was kind of cold.

"Why are you out here by yourself?" He asked, looking straight ahead at the empty road.

"I just had a little issue with my mom, nothing serious," I said, shrugging off the problem.

"It's obviously not little if you're all the way over here when you know you don't live on this side." He said, turning his engine off, the music going off with it.

"It's honestly nothing-"

"You know you can talk to me right? I may have a hard exterior but I know what if feels like to not have had anyone to talk to." He said, finally looking at me.

We just looked at each other for a couple seconds.

Then I spilled everything that happened in the last hour. He just sat there, averting his eyes from me to the steering wheel.

"I understand she doesn't me to waste my 'teenage years' on nonsense, but I'm getting sick and tired of not being good enough like what the fuck. She must be laced." I said.

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