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We were on our way home and we were having fun and shit, just regular nigga shit.

"Look at that bootttyyyyyyyy" Ski sang, making us sing with him to T-pain's "Booty remix".

I laughed and started to sing along to the lyrics, but then I changed it to the Members only playlist.

One of our older songs "Freddy vs Jason" came on and I sat back in my seat, thinking about some shit.

Why was Stoke so sus yesterday? Nevermind, forget it.

We were almost in new york about a whole fucking day later, this driving shit is annoying.

"We taking a plane next time." I said rolling my eyes, pulling up my house.

"You're just mad because you have to drive." Craig said, sticking his tongue out at me.

I gave him the finger and got out of the van, stretching real quick.

I stink.

I got my shit and waved goodbye to the guys as Wifi got in the Driver's seat.

I went inside and dropped my bag on the floor, Titan came running to me, jumping on me.

I missed Titan so much, that's my sleeping buddy, even though my mom steals him from me.

Let me call Imani, she thinks I'm just now leaving Broward.

The phone rang a couple times, then, it went to voicemail. I scoffed at my screen and called her again, after one ring it went to voicemail.

I rolled my eyes and FaceTimed her, she declined it.

What the fuck is her issue?

I decided to call up Lisette, but then she declined it. I FaceTimed this bitch.

She answered on like the third ring, I saw she was in her car.

"I can't talk for long, but Lisette just went to go get food and I'm waiting for her. Why the fuck would you go and visit the fam? You must be crazy." She said, looking at the camera with wide eyes.

"How do you even know about that?" I asked. I heard shuffling and then she hung up.

That's why Imani is mad. I don't care though, you're not about to ignore me. Let me go take a shower so I can do a pop-up because she thinks this is a joke.

After taking a shower, I put on some basketball shorts with the yellow sweater Mani got me, with socks and my Nike slides. I grabbed my keys and headed out, it was about 4:30 and I remember watching Lisette's snap, showing she was home.

I got in my car and drove over there, going a bit over the speed limit. I pulled up in front and gave Imani one last call. When she declined it again, that's when I hopped out the car.

I knocked on the door and saw Lisette open it. I smiled and pushed passed her, asking where Imani was.

"She doesn't want to see you." I heard Imani yell from the kitchen. Lisette sighed while closing the door.

I'm guessing her mom wasn't home because of how loud she was carrying on, but in reality, I won't even hold you, that's just her persona.

I walked to the kitchen and saw her eating Chinese food on her phone. I rolled my eyes and hugged her from behind. She took a quick glance at me and ate some broccoli.

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