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I was over at Jahseh's house, I was busy all week and he wanted to see me, next week was Christmas and I felt as if the more I hung out with him, the more of a better idea I could get of what to give him as a gift.

I was laying down in his bed, watching him play his game on the T.V. and looking through my Instagram feed. I posted him playing his game on both, my Instagram and Snapchat stories, his back facing the camera and you just hear him cursing.

Potty mouth.

I smiled when he told one of his friends to stop fucking up in the game. I'm pretty sure all this screaming was relieving his stress.

Lately, he's been posting some of his music on his SoundCloud, get a couple thousand plays on each song, only having about 4 up there.

"You get no bitches bro!" He yelled into the mic.

I started texting both Cj and Lisette, not wanting to bother Jahseh in his game.

"I have been getting more bitches than you though!" He yelled.

I guess the person on the phone with him disagreed or something because he then started laughing.

"Man, I don't know why you even bother trying, I fucked your girl while you were sleeping, nigga!" He screamed.

I looked at him and rolled m eyes, texting Lisette that I was getting a little upset. Like I can take a joke, I'm one of the last people you'll hear getting tight over a joke. But this just got me a little mad, not that mad, but a little tight.

"If I open up Instagram DMs right now and my snaps you'll still think I'm lying?" He said, yelling and laughing at their reactions.

That just got me tight, big mad type tight.

Was he texting other girls?

I will fucking kill him.

He'll wake up neutered.

I grabbed my sweater that was next to him on the floor and I put it on, zipping it up.

"Hol on Craig, baby where you going?" He asked, turning his body towards me. I screwed my face up and him and got my shoes.

He slapped my sneakers out my hand and laughed.

I wasn't laughing with him.

I picked them back up, rolling my eyes when he smacked them back out my hand.

"Where are you going, Imani?" He asked a bit more seriously.

"Worry about the girls in your DMs," I said, leaving my shoes alone and grabbing my phone off the bed.

He stood up and shook his head, pushing me back onto the bed, sitting down in his chair.

"If you think you're leaving you're crazier than me." He said, looking at me before putting his headset back on. He didn't resume his game though.

"Nigga fuck you I'll leave if I want to," I said, getting up, walking towards his door, fuck my shoes, I used to walk outside barefoot, I can walk out with just socks.

When I walked into the hallway, his muscular arms wrapped around my torso, picking me up and throwing me back on the bed.

He started wrestling with me for me to say, that's when he started kissing me all over my face.

"Baby, I don't talk to those girls at all, okay?" He said, finally stopping.

He made my titty come to out my bra.

I tried to push him off and he said something too fast for me to catch.

"Huh?" I asked, fixing my bra.

"Let me eat your pussy." He said, staring into my eyes.

I laughed.

He started to laugh, and he gave me a kiss.

"If you want to look in my phone, you can if you want, I mean, you'll just see a lot of my nudes, not like you haven't before, but still." He said, sighing.

"I don't want to see your phone, but you have to be 100% with me, no lies, okay?" I said, scooting to the edge of the bed.

"I swear," he said, leaning in front of my face for a kiss.

I hesitated and I he made a face, a 'you better fucking kiss me before I knock you out' type of face.

I gave him a kiss and he smiled, giving me a hug, this boy is so soft.

"But I have a question, where were you really going through?" He asked.

"I was going to walk home."

"With no shoes?"

"No shoes, bitch."

"Suck my dick, how were you gonna walk all the way home with no shoes 10 o'clock at night? Yeah okay." He said, turning to his game.

I slapped the back of his head for trying to tell me to suck his dick.

I mean that going to come soon but let's not talk about that.

Speaking of, we've been dating for almost a month-

"Babe, tomorrow is our one month anniversary and I'm taking you out, okay?"

"Aw, baby, you remembered?"

"How can I forget?"

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