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"You enjoyed your birthday, Baby?" Jahseh asked as he saw me wake up. I'm usually up before him, but he wore me out last night. Everyone wore me out.

Let's start on Monday night, 2 days before my birthday.

It was around six when I came and picked Jahseh up from his house, I spoke to his mom for a little bit and we were off. Everyone was taking their own car I'm assuming because Lisette and Cj were already on their way.

He actually convinced me to let his friends come, and my dumbass agreed. I just didn't want any bad vibes so if he would be even more happy with his friends around, be my guest.

That literally means Stokeley was coming and I don't know how I feel about that, I just didn't say anything.

He gave me a kiss as I started driving towards the highway, reclining his chair back. He loved not having to drive.

We talked the whole way there, no music, no nothing. We shared a lot of laughs and that's what I loved most about our relationship, there was never a dull moment.

When we inched closer to the hotel, I saw his excitement rise from the corner of my eye, I guess he's never been.

"My parents got us a suite so this should be fun." I said, pulling up the valet parking and getting out. The scenery was so lively it was crazy, reminds me of vegas, my parents took us at a young age with one of our older cousins.

They took our bags as I walked up to the front desk, Jahseh was eyeing and interrogating the man taking our bags, I could faintly hear him yelling 'How do you know where our bags are supposed to go if we ain't even check in yet?' He was so aggressive but he's so tiny.

Damn, our kids are going to be short.

I thanked the lady for our room keys and walked over to him, holding his hand. For a second he flinched but relaxed when he saw it was me. I pulled him towards the elevator and it was huge on the inside, we were going to the top floor.

"We don't have to share this with anybody?" He asked, looking down at me.

"Nope, just us," I said, smiling a little.

"Great, so I can do whatever I want, when I want, right?" He asked, eyeing me while smirking.

"Yes Jahseh," I said, smiling and rolling my eyes.

"Aye, what I told you about rolling your eyes at me?"

I looked at him and rolled my eyes again, crossing my arms. I then got pushed back onto the elevator wall, his right hand wrapped around my neck.

"You love testing me Mani, don't you?" He asked, his lips were in a very close proximity to mine.

As his grip got a little tighter, I smiled.

He looked at me and shook his head, letting me go. He eyed me up and down as I just kept smirking.

"What am I going to do with you?" He asks rhetorically, shaking his head.

After we got settled into our suite, we were chilling on our couch, we were both laying on opposite sides, our legs intertwined.

Our room was beautiful by the way. When you first walk in, it was a sitting room, even though we're not going to use it, it was nice. When you walk through that room, you come to the main living area, which was gigantic. There was a flatscreen mounted on the wall with three couches surrounding it.

You take a step up and that's our bedroom, it was an open floor plan idea, we didn't mind. Our bathroom was what I was in love with, there was a clear shower, a large square shaped bathtub with really nice marbling.

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