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I was on my way to Cj's house and I was kind of nervous, only because I didn't want to lose him as a friend and what he did sexually was none of my business.

I texted him saying I was here and he opened the front door, standing in his pajama pants and a tank top.

I gave him a smile while he opened his arms for a side hug. I gave him one and he let me in.

He sat down on the couch and I sat down too, leaving quite a bit of room between us

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He sat down on the couch and I sat down too, leaving quite a bit of room between us. He looked at me and rolled his eyes.

"Are we really doing this Mani?" He asked, getting annoyed by how I was acting.

"Really doing what? You're the one that went ghost for two weeks."

"Let's not forget that you have fingers too." He added.

"But you're the one that did something wrong, let's not forget."

"I'm wrong for having sex?" He scoffed.

I was about to continue when he put his finger to his lips.

"Be quiet, I'm not here to argue, there's nothing more to argue about, were patching things up in the next five minutes." He said, making me shut up.

That's when I gave him a hug, ever since we were in middle school he never really tolerated my bullshit.

We talked for a bit and he asked me where I was applying to, saying usual young adult clothing/shoe stores, and I'm trying to see if I could apply at the movie theatre.

"You should see how many resumés I had to print because they all want one. I have little to no job experience, telling them I used to be an underage bartender isn't the most inviting thing in the world."

"Actually, that lets them know you have people skills," Cj said, trying to find the bright side of my lack of employment.

I left Cj after a couple more minutes, rushing to the mall.

After handing in and filling out a bunch of papers, many places said they would give me a call or shoot me an email about coming in for interviews.

I felt pretty accomplished, hopping back into my car and enjoying sitting down in my own comfort space.

My phone started to vibrate continuously, seeing it was a call from Jahseh. I put the phone up to my ear, greeting him.

"You never took up my offer of me taking you out." He said in a cool tone.

He offered to take me to the movies because some new horror movie was out. I didn't mind those, I actually enjoyed them, most of the time, even though a lot of them are revolved around religion.

I'm not saying that its a bad thing to help the plot that kind of makes a lot of horror films the same.

But, nevertheless, I agreed.

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