A New Beginning

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"Mani, are you sure you want to go?" Jahseh asked me. He just got back from the hair salon, his new red locs had his happinesses through the roof.

"Yeah, just um, let me finish this last sentence, I'm almost done with my paper." Imani replied, type her final words before clicking send.

"My future vet." Jahseh smiled, giving her a kiss.

"You don't know if that's what I'm pursuing just yet." Imani laughed, closing her laptop.

"You know you took over a year to figure this out right?" Jahseh teased.

"Okay, okay, okay, I get it. Almost two, but you can't blame me! I'm just a 20 year old trying to figure out my life!" She laughed, using her hands to over exaggerate her words.

They were starting to get ready for Jahseh's album release party.

"Are you excited?" He asked her as she got up from the dining room chair.

"You know I was bothering you for the last 6 months to listen to 'Skins' so don't ask me that foolishness" She smiled.

He followed Imani upstairs to her room, trying to figure out what she was going to wear.

"Jah! Mind your business-"

"Let me get you pregnant." He said, looking at her in the eyes.

"Boy what the fuck? How about-"

"Mani Money, I'm being serious!" He laughed.

"You think we're ready for a kid? I still live with my Ma-"

"Baby, you know how much money I just racked up? I stayed low key with my expenses-"

"Low key my ass! You just bought my mom that diamond necklace!" Imani said, opening her closet.

"Mani, that ass is mine, and I'm going to plant my seed in you!" He laughed, tackling her onto the bed.

The two started to play fight, but that ended up having Imani straddling him, giving each other a sensual kiss.

"Imani... baby, look at me." He spoke lowly.

When she looked in his eyes, he had this shimmer, this certain hollow. This was the same look he gave her when they first met at that party.

He leaned back in his chair as a blunt was passed to him, he looked to the side, right at me and smirked.

Lights were flashing as people were dancing, drinking, the whole 9, my sister even left me to go whine on boys without me.

Even when I looked away to distract myself, like going on my phone or talking to other people, I still saw him eyeing me.

"I want you to get off BC.." he said, caressing her cheek.

Imani thought he was joking at first, but she realized that he was so serious.

To Jahseh's surprise, she actually agreed. She usually has a set time she takes her pill, and that time was now. Instead of taking it, she put the pills in a bag and tied it on her dresser.

That made Jahseh the happiest be has been in an extremely long time. He always imagined having a miniature version of him running around, and sooner or later, he is going to.

Imani was very unsure of herself at that moment, but after everything she has been though with him, she didn't think it mattered.

"What about school Jah? Our living situation?" She asked while taking her- well, his big t-shirt off.

"Maybe you don't have to go to college-"

"No, I was planning on going to college since I was 11, I was just indecisive-"

"So do online school-"

"That defeats the whole purpose of colle-"


"I want to actually be at a university-"

"Hell no, fuck that-"

"Fuck you!"

"Stop cutting me off Imani!"

"You cut me off first! Bitch!" Imani laughed.

They never took their arguments as serious anymore, because they knew that their first date was going to have the couple as a fucked up Romeo and Juliet.

"Come on! We have to go soon! We're already late to my own party." Jahseh chuckled as he grabbed his outfit from Imani's closet.

He's practically been living there, only because Imani's a clean and organized person, he can actually breathe on there. He was clean too, but just... he's still a boy, he's a mess sometimes.

"Mani! You didn't mark this date on your calendar!" Jahseh yelled, standing up and grabbing her sparkly permanent pink marker.

He wrote "Bad Vibes Forever" and signed his name on the date.

June 18th.

"Big day for you, huh?" Imani smiled from behind him.

"Huge. I think this album has some of the best songs I've ever written on there." He sighed, feeling confident in the work he was about to release into the world.

"I want everyone to feel my energy." He smiled, rubbing his hand over the number.

He walked to the closet and pulled out his outfit, which Imani's mom ironed for him already.

"Cleo coming?" Imani asked, taking out the red dress she planned on wearing tonight.

"Yeah, she's bringing her new boyfriend too." He said, catching a mini attitude.

As the got ready together, Jahseh looked at the both of them in the mirror, and he was put in a state of euphoria. They looked like such a cutecouple, like they were about to walk the red carpet.

After the two finished taking their pictures, Jahseh walked Imani to his infamous BMW, and opened her door for her, letting her sit before he closed it, rubbing to his side to hop in.

Before he started the car, he looked over to her and grabbed her hand.

"The world awaits us, Mrs.Onfroy."

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