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It was finally February 1st and that meant 9 more days until my birthday, my 19th birthday. Honestly, I just wanted to blow some cash and go away for a weekend.

So, that's exactly what I was doing.

From the stress with my parent's ongoing battle in separation, my sister, and Cj's nonstop arguing, it was too much. I want to go to Atlantic City.

And that's exactly where I was going.

Also, my birthday would be on a Wednesday, so I would also be spending Valentine's day out there, I just hope Jahseh won't be busy.

Speaking of Jahseh, I have to FaceTime him, he was going on and on about how he missed me.

He means the world to me, I knew I was going to fall in love again someday, but I didn't think I would this soon.

I was cleaning my room and my closet because winter was basically almost over, so I was putting a lot of bulky things in storage. Maybe I'm just in a rush for summer, that's when I flourish.

I put my phone up against my dresser and pressed his contact, going back to my closet.

"Where's my girlfriend?" I heard him say. He doesn't know how to speak in a normal tone, I noticed that the first time I had a conversation with him in the car, he naturally just speaks loud. I got used to it after a while though.

"Babes, I told you that I was cleaning," I said, walking back to my bed and looking at him, he instantly smiled wide. I smiled back and shook my head.

"You're unbelievable sometimes," I smiled, shaking my head.

We started talking about little things as he watched me clean the other half of my room, making smart comments every time I bent over to pick something up.

Let's say I was bending down a little more than I had to ;).

"Stokeley! I fucking told you no mayo! Are you serious?" Jahseh yelled, dropping the phone.

I heard some yelling but I continued to finish, not paying attention to them. Sometimes, for a quick second, I actually forget about what he did.

I felt like I kept pushing it to the back of my mind because ofJahseh though, I feel like I'm in a weird situation though. I'm not trying to say what he did to me was okay or anything, but I'm just going to leave it alone, but I swear, on god, if he even tries me again I'm real life fucking him and his whole life up.

"Baby, what are you doing?" Jahseh asked as I fluffed my pillows out.

"I just finished cleaning my room-"

"Great, come over."

"I feel really lazy right now-"

"BABY, PLEASE?" He yelled into the phone, only showing his forehead and his eyebrows.

"You got your eyebrows done?" I asked, picking up my phone and looking at his thick brows.

"I don't like looking bad." He said defensively. "It's only 12, it's still early! I didn't want to go over there and mess your room back up." He added, hinting to me that he was planning on doing something. I gave him a stink face as he raised his eyebrows.

"Last time we fucked was when I took your virginity-"

"Okay, okay, okay! Our timing just hasn't been right, okay? And I can't do it today either." I laughed at him.

"Then can you at least come and give me a kiss? Or head?" He asked lowly. I wide-eyed him and he interjected.

"Okay, maybe just a kiss." He said quickly, I laughed at him and I hung up on him after a couple of minutes.

"Yo Lisette, what are you doing today?" I said, walking into her room. Why does she even have her door open?

Oh, that's why.

"Hi, Cj!" I said, giving him a hug. I didn't expect him to be here with her, at all. They both looked pretty happy, but she still didn't answer my question.

"Chris and I were just planning on chilling, why?" She said, still looking at him.

Um, I'm over here, this is gross.

"I need to make a video and I want you to be in it," I said, I was trying to make a curly hair routine with my sister type shit, because I was also looking kind of rough, so why not use this opportunity?

She agreed and I walked out, not wanting to witness their lovey-dovey shit anymore.

It took us about an hour to attempt to make this video, Cj was helping us and I kept getting my fucking camera wet.

"I'm never doing this shit again," I said laughing as I put the camera in front of the window in my room, Lisette and I sitting in front of it on chairs.

We finished and I quickly started to import the files to my computer to edit. This whole time jahseh was blowing up my snapchat and my Instagram DMs, sending me funny videos of him and other people.

When the files were done importing, I started to look at his messages, he kept sending me nudes and I just kept staring at them. They weren't really nudes, they were thirst traps. I rolled my eyes at him and quickly texted him back.

Stop teasing me, thanks..

That's what you get for not trying to come see me
I miss you
I know you miss daddy's dick...

Okay, and ?

So you do miss it?
Wait until I get you alone for a few mins
I'm not going easy on you either
This is all your fault.


sorry for the short chapters, it's going to get better, and I'm about to touch 6k and this book has only been out for a little over 2 weeks, tysm, I love the support I get from ya'll ❤️.

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